Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello Brisbane!!!

I have arrived safe and sound in Brisbane, but missing Darwin like crazy, well, more missing Rob. Rob took me for a nice meal at an Indian/Thia/Malay restaurant before he took me to the airport at midnight last night. For some reason Darwin likes to have all their flights leaving and landing in the middle of the night. My flight left at 0110 and I arrived in Brissy at about 0500. Saying goodbye to Rob was really, really, really hard, but I know I will be seeing him in about 6 weeks, and I'm sure the time will fly by - I hope so anyways!!!! Thank goodness for texting and facebook chat!!!
I didn't get that much sleep on the plane so when I arrived at my friends place, we had a couple beers then he went to bed - as he just finished working a night shift, I put on a movie (of course after checking my facebook account) and feel asleep for a mini nap myself. 4 and half hours later I finally decided it was time to get up!!! Oh yeah, and might i add it was 13 degrees when we landed this morning.......can I say BRRRRR!!! :) I got up and decided to check out a bit of Brisbane. Shannon lives about 30km's from town so i more or less checked out the community he lives in, which is 3 blocks from the water!!! I took my book and music and headed to the water to enjoy life! I spend the better part of three hours there, walking around and reading. It was getting close to sunset so I decided to stay and watch the sun set behind the distant mountains. I can never get over a sunset and it was beautiful. I headed back to the house - after stopping for some beer of course and am just chilling out!!! I have a couple other friends in Brisbane which I will probably see over the weekend, so for now, it just relaxing and watching movies on Shannon's 42inch TV!! Shannon has to work tonight as well so its just me myself and I. I have Old School, Mr & Mrs, Smith and Transformers planned for the evening! Life's allright (apart from missing Rob!!)

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