Thursday, January 29, 2009

a week in..

So I have been unable to upload my posts that I have written on my laptop. I'll have to wait till I can find a place with wireless.
Anyways, things have been great. Partying tons, been out to see some tennis, been on a wine tasting tour, as well has had a few beach days!!
Its been extremely hot these days. I think we hit 44 degree yesterday, and its 11am and already 39 degree. I love it!! Although, walking in downtown Melbourne, the heat was so extreme it was hurting my eyes!
Anyways, hope to get wireless soon!! Gotta run!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Just a quickie

Hey guys!!

Well, they have no wireless internet at the hostel, it takes too bloody long to write a post, and I can't find my USB memory card to transfer my posts that I have already typed up on my computer.
So here's a quick update. I made it safe and sound. The flight honestly wasn't that bad!! I've been at the hostel two days now and it is nice, and interesting....more to follow! Melbourne is beautiful, I'm 10 minutes from the beach and I'm hitting the bars tonight!!
As soon as I find wireless, or my USB card, I'll add my posts!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Less then 24 hours....

In 24 hours I will be at the Vancouver airport waiting to board my long flight to Auckland.  My emotions have been all over the place, as my nerves!  I'm having drink as I type this :)  I may have to wear waterproof mascara to the airport tomorrow!

Things are packed.....and with my surprise I have a little bit of extra room left over!  My bathroom and bedroom is somewhat cleaned out and things put away.  I have a few minor things to do tomorrow morning, such as clean my car, inside and out, so its ready to sell when I get an offer.  Hopefully sooner then later. 

It still doesn't seem like I'm going, especially to go this far away, and for this long!  The Australian open has started which I've seen a few matches, and I still can't believe that I will be there in a week!  

I've been able to see all my friends before I leave which was awesome!  My friend got married on Saturday, so I was able to see some of them then, and my friend Laura put on a going away 'gathering' at the Ship and Anchor Monday night.  I have such awesome friends that I am going to miss dearly :(

My favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens Sunday evening winning the AFC conference title......MEANING they get to play in the 48th Superbowl in Tampa Bay!!  They play the Arizona Cardinals Sunday, February 1st, which means I won't be here to see the game :(  BUT, after talking to a few 'aussies' I met at the wedding, I should be able to see the game at a pub in Melbourne.  In order for me to see it live, I'll have to be at a pub for 10:00am....let's hope they serve beer that early!!  haha  Go Steelers Go!

Well, time to get all my taxes ready.....booo....and hopefully have a chill evening and a good night sleep before my long trip to Melbourne.  Hopefully I will be able to get some decent internet access when I arrive, and I'll update how my trip went as soon as I can!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

4 more sleeps

YEEEAAAHHHHH!!!  I am getting so very excited....4 more sleeps!!  EEeeeee!

I think I have almost everything.....time will tell I guess.  I was told I should do a 'dry pack' to make sure everything fits into my pack......and I have yet to do that! lol  My dry pack will be the day before I leave!  It'll all fit, I hope.

So the last week and a bit has been busy and fun-filled!  Last weekend I went out bowling with some friends...which of course involved lots of drinking!  It was with some friends that I haven't seen in a year, so we had to enjoy every minute of it!  Disco bowling....which i haven't bowled in 5 years, so my first round I scored a shameful 40 points, but came back in the second game with 113 points!  We went back to a friends house, did some more drinking, played cranium and poker (it had been so long!!!).  At about 3am, made our way back to my friend Laura's house where we finished the night playing Wii.  Oh how we sing so well when we're drunk!!  haha

Needless to say I was not feeling my best Saturday morning, but I needed to replenish as I was going to see the opening home game of the Calgary Roughnecks with a bunch of my friends.  After McDonald's, a BIG glass of water, and a nap, I was rearing to go again!  I met up with a bunch of friends, a couple of them virgin lacrosse fans, and started once again, the drinks!!!  It was an awesome game, the Edmonton Rush game back in the fourth quarter to tie the game, and after close to 5 minutes in OT, the Roughnecks Curt Malawsky scored the winning goal!!  After the game we headed to the pub located at the 'Dome where we got to meet and talk to Kaleb Toth, a Roughneck forward.  After we drank all the beer from Dutton's lounge, we headed out to the club.  Boy it had been so long since I hit a club, and we had a blast!!  Apart from the loser 'boys' trying to hit on us (hahaha) we danced the night away!!  My friend Trisha then took us to a place on 17th ave called "Tubby Dog", a walk-up restaurant where you order hot dogs covered with greasy, yummy, goodness......hello high cholesterol!!!  haha    Well that pretty much finished the night, cabbed it home, and slept for a LONG time!!  

I finished my last shift at work Tuesday night.  I was lucky enough to work with great people, so it was an awesome night.  Apart from a few of our patients having problems, they all settled by 0300, so we had time for some visiting and eating snacks!  Thanks Anne and Louis for a great last night. 

So these last few days have consisted of me trying to organize my 'shit', buy any last minute bag, underwear, socks, new purse, ect.  I've also made my mom joint on my bank case anything happens, she has access to it, canceling my cell phone, my zip membership (I'm gonna miss that!!) as well as trying to get in to do a walk through of my condo before I leave.  I've also got a letter from the internet company up north stating I owe them $500.  Man they piss me off!!  Supposedly I didn't return my modem, which I did....with about 20 witnesses as I gave it to her at the airport on my way out of Kugluktuk!  Man oh man, I hope I can get it sorted out before I leave. 

Anyways, I have to get ready for a wedding...Yeah!  More drinking!! haha
Will try and write before I leave on Wednesday.  FYI: forecast for Melbourne: Highs of: 26, 35, 32, 29 degrees Celsius for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday :::)))))

Sunday, January 4, 2009

17 and counting....

Well, the Christmas season is now over and we are into the new year, and departure time is getting closer and closer! Slowly I am getting more things done, but I am definitely getting very excited. I have a few shifts left at the hospital, a roughnecks game, a wedding... then see ya later!! lol

My Christmas was good considering I worked. My aunt and two of her kids came, who are young enough to still believe in Santa....boy its been a long time since we've had to leave cookies and milk out for Santa!! We also had one of my sister's friends stay with us as she has no family here. It was a full house that's for sure. Even my Grandparents stayed at the house longer then sister got a Wii so my Grandpa was perfecting his gold swing!!! (normally they're gone by 7pm)
New years was, well, interesting! Everyone was kinda up in the air about what they wanted to do, so last minute I went out with my sister and her friend to a house party. Got very drunk in front of strangers, and had to go home at 1am. Not one of my most proudest moments, but hey, it happens.

So I just put up my car for sale :( It is my first car and I love my car. I was very sad to put it on the market, but I have no where to keep it, and by the time I pay for storage, it's not worth it. Plus I have no clue what my plans are after Australia, and its pushing 8 years.....time to sell. Its been such a great little I just hope I can sell it in a relatively decent time, I hate leaving stuff for my parents to do for me while I'm off on some adventure!!

So back to my Australia trip....haha....I have a few things booked for when I get there. First of all, of course, the Australian Open on the 30th and 31st. Then my friend is coming to Melbourne from Tasmania, we have tickets to see Wicked, then on the 2nd we take a three day tour down the great ocean road to Adelaide. The following day, we take a ferry to Kangaroo Island where we spend three more days (it's bigger then the size of Singapore!). Once we are finished there, we have a couple days on the town to explore Adelaide and surroundings, then I had back to Melbourne to fly to Tassie for my three month work contract!! Eeeee!
Happy New Year - this is going to be an exciting 2009!