Friday, August 28, 2009

Katherine road trip and other stuff thats been going on!

Things are still going great here in Darwin. If any of you remember my previous blogs, Rob who was on my first tour - Perth to Broome, has finished work and arrived in Darwin to chill out and enjoy the nice weather! He arrived last Friday and it's been pretty full on since he arrived. We went out the first night he arrived after I finished work. We tried to get into a silent disco - where everyone is given headsets and there are two DJ's rippin it up, and you get to choose which DJ you want to listen too. However there where only 90 headsets and we where about 120 in line, so we decided to hit one of the pubs to drink and catch up instead! Saturday night was a friends BD party - a silver themed BD party. I thought it was a good excuse to go out and buy some silver bangles and earrings :) We didn't know too many people (it was Karen's BD, the girl I went to Kakadu and Litchfield with, so I knew Karen and Troy), but we made friends with others and had a good time. Plus we shared a cab home with a couple other people so it cost us hardly anything! I worked late shifts that whole weekend, and then had to work an early shift Monday morning, so Sunday was pretty laid back, as was Monday night as I had one last shift Tuesday morning. Then, party time!!!!! We just stayed around the house and drank as it is such a pain in the ass to gets cabs around here, plus its cheaper! Thursday Rob and I went to Crocodylous Park - a research/education place that has been open for 15 years. Not only did they have crocodiles, they had lines, tigers (no bears!) monkeys, birds, turtles and snakes. On a free tour of the park we saw them feed the hungry crocs, had an opportunity to feed them ourselves, but wasn't aggressive enough to get in front and so didn't get to. (I was kinda scared anyways!!) and we got to hold a baby crocodile! So very cool I might add! After spending a couple hours there (and purchasing some croc meat!) we headed home to pack for an overnight trip to Katherine.

My friend Matty (Irish Matty) had an appointment in Katherine at 1000am Friday, and needed a ride in. I have been given the use of Matty's (Adelaide Matty's) Subaru and got permission to take Matty to Katherine in it. I also thought it was a good excuse to go on a road trip and take Rob with me. We left at about 4:30, stopped for some nibblies and for the boys to grab some booze, and off we went. It's about 300 and some kilometers into Katherine and I had to drive about an hour in the dark, which I hate doing here. First off, the speed limit is 130, and driving on these 2 lane highways with big road trains comin' at ya, it's kinda scary for me! Plus, there is always that chance of having a roo run out in front of ya. Luckily, no roo jumped in front of the vehicle, and I managed fine with the massive trucks whizzing by me!! We arrived in Katherine, found a motel and I cracked a much wanted beer! We found a pub that was open so we ordered food (yummy fish and chips!) and of course more beer and played a couple games of pool. We where going to go to another bar once that one closed, but we couldn't find it and we where all pretty tired. So back to the room we went, found a movie on TV, and crashed!! The next day was pretty boring in Katherine, not much to do in the small town of Katherine, Rob and I had brunch then chilled by the pool for a bit. Once Matty was finished we decided we better hit the road as I had to work that evening and I wanted to take Rob to Edith Falls. We fueled up and arrived at Edith falls in the heat of the day. There is a lower pool to swim in that is right close to the car park and then the optional 2.6km return trip to the upper falls. Rob was keen to go, I however was not. But, he had never been there so I sucked it up and off we went. I tell ya, once we arrived in at the pool, I was right in cooling off as it was freakin hot out and I was dying! I had a bit of a 'freak out' as when we where chillin in the water, there was a lizard sun bathing on the rocks that decided it had had enough and jumped in the water - the same water I was in!!!! MAN ALIVE THAT FREAKS ME OUT!!!! LOL

We headed back down to the lower pool and once again, I was extremely hot, so we jumped in the pool as soon as we arrived and cooled down. The falls is quite a swim out and decided to get our exercise for the day and swam to it. The swim back was a bit easier as the current helped out a bit. It was getting late so we grabbed some cold treats and water and hit the road. It was 4:50 and we where still a longs ways from Darwin, and I had to leave at 8pm for work. Cuttin' it a bit close!! Luckily I got home just in time, 7:45, to get my stuff ready and hop on my bike. It is going to be a long night!!!

(oh yeah, on the way home I had a rock hit the windshield, and low and behold, somehow, 4 cracks appeared at the bottom of the windscreen and conveniently made there way up and across the windshield. It hasn't blocked the drivers view, but it is going to have to be replaced. Lovely.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Holy crickie, its a croc!!!

Day 4, and man did it fly by!! We got our lazy buts out of bed at about 7:30, and I had a shit night sleep. I had a bad cough and somehow a couple mossies got in my net and they where driving me crazy!! Oh well, I got a few hours sleep so it was all good. There was not much planned for our last day, just mainly driving back to Darwin and stopping to see the jumping crocs. We stopped in Jabiru, an aboriginal community with an awesome bakery where we all got a bite to eat. We fueled up and hit the road trying to get to the jumping crocs in time, arriving 10 minutes before departure! There are about three different companies that have jumping crocodile cruises all with different sizes of boats. We picked the company with the smallest boat, and also a very small reception! After a drive on a 3km dirt road, we arrived at this tiny reception on the side of the Adelaide River. Nothing was permanently covered, but it was equipped with river side 'fancy' long-drop-johnny's - with flush toilets, refreshments, and shaded tables and chairs to chill at while waiting. I'd call it a 'rugged fancy' reception! The boat held about 25 people and it was pretty full, but that was ok as both sides of the boat got jumping croc action. As the captain, Morgan, was lining up the boat for us to embark, one of the bigger crocs came up to see what was going on, and man was he big!!! His name was Godfrey, and he was missing his front right leg. All the crocodiles we saw are salt water crocs and can get very big, like 5meters big, and bigger. Morgan got right into the swing of things and fed the hungry Godfrey! He had a big body, big in (some missing), a long tail and butt ass ugly!!! We headed up stream and found some more crocs, there where 2, a bit smaller, but they could jump the entire way out of the water! Crocodiles are very territorial and so you will never find more then a couple in one area. As we headed back downstream Godfrey came and found us again, he must have been hungry. Morgan fed the crocs buffalo, and he teased them in order to get them to do tricks. Whether it be jump out of the water, fall backwards, lean into the boat, or snap their jaws. We never heard a loud snap, but we saw one little guy who could swing his head around and snap the meat so quickly you could hardly see it! We also saw some amazing birds on the Adelaide River. Can't remember any of there names, but a couple of them would swoop down and grab the meat off the stick before the crocs had a chance to get it! One bird, Morgan threw the meat in the air and he would swoop down so quickly and with such precision to grab the meat. He also left a piece of meat on the railing of the boat, and he swooped down and grabbed it off the railing!
The last set of crocs we saw where the biggest, well, "he" was anyways. Morgan was able to guide him up on the shore of the river so we could see how big he was, and I couldn't get all of him on my camera! Let me tell ya, I would not want to get in one of these guys ways, as they do sneak up so quietly. Hell, we would even miss them in the water and we where looking for them! We where on the river for over an hour and it was well worth the $30 to see these amazing creatures so up close and personal!

After seeing the crocs we drove up to the town of Humpty Doo, which has a pub known for its social atmosphere and good food. However, it was too early in the day, and couldn't order food yet. SO, we hit the cafe next door and got some on-the-go food. We decided to head to Barry Springs to end the trip as we hadn't been swimming yet! We picked up some beers and took the 30 minute drive to the beautiful springs. To ms the springs are so different then anything I have seen in Canada. I can't explain how they are different they just are! And, I love it! The pools we where in had fish in them, as there where fish in many of the others, but these fish where aggressive and would come up and nibble on your leg! I had one nibble at a small wound on I had on my foot (from slipping off the rock into the water a couple days before) and that was it, I was out of the pool and on dry land!!! After a good hour or so we decided it was time to head back to Darwin as Steve, Troy and Karen where all going to a concert. We dropped off all the gear at there place, then drove me home, finally arriving after 6pm.

I was ready to keep drinking (as we had a couple of beer at the springs) and found a couple of my friends at the Deck Bar in town. Zoe, Matty and Coxy where home and they agreed to drive me into town, only to come in for one beer.....yeah, right!! It was a great way to end my fantastic trip, and am hoping to make it out to some of these amazing places again before I leave. Some of the places close during the built-up and the wet season, so it will have to be soon......I guess I'll just have to play it by year. Litchfield is close enough to go and see on a day trip, so maybe I'll have to rent a car and do that!

They could really jump!
Can you guess?? Godfrey, with his missing leg
The biggest croc of the day, over 5 meters long!
Coming in for some lunch!

Monday, August 17, 2009

going beyond my comfort level....

Day three of Kakadu, we were up around 7:30, this time no one needed to wake me up!  I slept beside the truck in a swag with a mossie net draped over me so I wouldn't get bitten.  The mossie net was tied to the door of the truck and the other two had there mossie nets tied to the front of the truck - we looked kinda funny all attached to the truck!!  We had a 4W drive to our first stop - Jim Jim falls which we heard wasn't running any water, but we decided to go anyways.  The northern territory is at the end of the dry season so most of the waterfalls are at there low point - but we didn't care!  We arrived to Jim Jim, and look at that, not one other vehicle was there.  Cool!  We took the km walk in - me in my running shoes, thank goodness as lots of loose rocks and big, and I mean, big, boulders to climb over.  Karen and Troy had been here, actually, they had been to most places we went to, and we where warned the water here was extremely cold.  I was in some pretty cold water in Karijini, so I was somewhat prepared, or so I thought.  After getting up some courage, I just walked right in to the water, and wow, was it freakin cold!!  It actually took my breathe away it was so cold and it took me about 5 minutes to get used to it - or maybe I just became numb and didn't notice??  Steve, Troy and I swam out to the 'falls', or what falls there was - it was just a trickle.  We where the only people there and it was kind of eerie swimming in this massive pool with 100m high cliffs surrounding us and the water was black as black can be - so weird.  We had heard of a cave that you could go exploring in and it needed torches.  We had lights on a couple camera's and went to go check it out.  It was a tight squeeze to get in and Paul and Troy checked it out - but wasn't convinced it was going to be that easy, so we decided not to do it.  We chilled on the amazing white sand of the falls until a couple tour guides showed up, and then we decided it was time to leave. Funny how things are different not being on tour!! haha
After getting back to the truck we continued on the 4WD track to Twin Creek Falls.  Man how much fun 4WD'g is!!  At this fall, you are 'supposed' to take a ferry up the river to see the falls, but we had other plans.  There is a trail you can take that takes you up to the top of the falls, that doesn't cost you anything!!  We got to the top - after taking my time as it was in the heat of the day - and up-hill, ugh.  At the top you cant't really see the falls - pictures will explain, but the view was still amazing.  We continued following the creek bed and found a nice deep section and some shaded area to chill out.  We pulled out some snacks and had a bit of a lunch - and then, we all crashed!!!!  Yup, we all had about an hour nap on the rocks!! haha  I didn't really sleep that well as the flys where annoying the hell out of me.  I tell ya, but the end of the day I was close to a nervous breakdown they where driving me SOOO crazy!!  After our little nap - and  a dip in the pool we headed back to the top of the falls.....and this is where the title of my post makes sense.  You see, there is this crack in the cliff, about 8m high, that with assistance, you can climb down using your back against one side pushing your arms against the other side, and using foot holds lower yourself down.  I really really wanted to do it, but wasn't convinced that i would have the upper body strength to lower myself down.  I contemplated it for a good 10 minutes, then decided nope, I better not, I didn't want to hurt myself.  Troy had done it before so he went first, then helped Karen down, then Steve.  I watched very intently the whole time and it looked easier then it looked, which is what I had been told.  SO, I said, OK, you can do this.  I lowered myself to a platform about a meter and a half down, then Troy guided me and told me where to place my feet and what to do, and before I knew it, I was down!  I had so much adrenaline going threw me I was shaking!!!  Now, next, was another small section that you had to squeeze down and move horizontally to the right, again, using foot holds and your upper body to move threw.  This section was about a meter and a half long and mostly horizontal.  It was pretty narrow, and thanks to my womanly hips, I was able to wiggle myself threw quite easily!!!  I was so pumped that I made it threw, and it was so amazing.  There where a total of three falls before the big one, and we climbed our way down all three of them, swimming in one of them.  The climbs down where pretty difficult as well and I needed help from Troy for one of them - I just have this fear that I am going to slip and fall and seriously hurt myself - I think I am justified there??  But in the end, I managed to do everything, and the view of the falls from the top was stunning.  We couldn't see the actual falls, but that was ok as the view was breath-taking.  We where careful that no one saw us as we technically weren't supposed to be up there, as it was kind of dangerous getting down, but thanks to now fences holding people back, we took the risk.  The sun was slowly starting to descend so we decided it was time to head back up - oh yeah, we have to go back up that??  Haha, it was actually easier climbing back up then getting down as you are able to pull yourself up the rocks - and I managed just fine!!!  We started our climb back down the trail, which was much easier then climbing up, just harder on my knees being careful not to slip.  Paul had headed back before we climbed down the waterfall so he was waiting for us, and when we arrived at the base, we where the last car left and the park guide had told Paul that if we weren't back by 7pm he was calling search and rescue as we where supposed to be out of the park by 6pm.  Oops, it was 6:30 when we got to the bottom.  We went and found the park guide and told him we where back, then cracked a much needed beer and headed back home on the 4WD road.  Once again we arrived after dark, and quickly set up for supper, which was a combination of left overs!  We where all so knackered from the long day (first ones in the park and last ones to leave!) we hit the sac pretty early.  But man, what a great day it was!

Jim Jim falls 
It was really really cold
Troy Steve and I swimming to the 'falls'
Me at the very top of Twin Creek Falls
The creek above the falls
This was coming back up, I'm at the bottom here
Hardest part over!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day Two - Kakadu National Park

Alright, I better get on this before I forget everything I did!!!

The second day I was woken up by Troy, I crashed the night before and hardly moved!  Guess I was tired.  We put on our swimmers and off to the hot springs we went.  The hot springs where pretty shallow, but there was tons of them with the pools varying in temperature.  The first pool we went in felt like a hot tub, a very hot one!  There where a couple spots that where actually bubbling it was so hot.  We found a couple other pools and shoveled out a hole to sit in - like I said, it was shallow!  After chillin' in the pools for 45 minutes or so, we headed back to camp, packed up, and where off to see more of Kakadu.  We had a bit of a drive again, but I didn't mind so much, I love it!  Our first stop was Gunlom falls, a hike up to the top which was about 80-100m high.  I was told it was pretty easy and could just where my flip-flops, as it turned out, the hike was steep and it just about killed me!!!  I consider myself fairly fit, but when it comes to increasing my heart rate and being out in the heat, my lungs just have a hard time adjusting.  I ended up taking my time and the other flew to the top!  The first set of pools had a komodo dragon, the first time I had seen one...... and a dead snake.  Yes, a very dead, still decomposing snake on the rocks.  The smell was horrendous so we didn't spend much time at that pool.  We walked to the end of the falls and enjoyed the peaceful serenity of Kakadu national park.  The best thing about these parks is that there is no fencing holding you back, so you can go as close to the edge as you want.  We where smart enough and stayed back but there was a couple of guys that where risking it and getting close to the edge, stupid if you ask me.  We headed up at a pool further back and went for a swim up the river a ways.  We found another  kimodo on the rocks and the boys that it would be a good idea to scare the dragon into the water we where swimming in.  Karen and I freaked out and swam away as they scared it into the water.  Boys will be boys!!  Troy and Steve kept on swimming and found this 'cool' waterfall in behind some rocks.  They convinced me to swim through the dragon infested waters to see this waterfall.  I had to climb over a couple rocks in order to get to the waterfall, and it was a bit difficult.  Troy tried to help me, but as I was half up the rock, my foot slipped and I didn't have the upper body strength to pull myself up.  Luckily I didn't hurt myself and found another easier rock to climb up.  Unfortunately the waterfall wasn't as beautiful as I was hoping, but we did kill a cane toad. I will get into the cane toads at another time.  We headed back and started our way back down the steep cliff to the car park, and of course, I had to slip on a rock and roll my ankle.  Thank goodness I didn't twist it, but I was embarrassed as hell.  I decided for the rest of the hike down just to go barefoot, which I hate doing as my feet as so sensitive walking barefoot.  But I made it safely, and decided from that point on that I was wearing my running shoes on any other hike!!  Our next stop was barramundi gorge, about a kilometer walk in - I wore my running shoes on this on.  The gorge itself was pretty big and there was hardly anyone there.  The pool was refreshing getting into but we warmed up to it nicely.  The pool was perfect for cliff jumping and I put in a couple attempts.  Nothing like in Karijini, but still fun!  We then found a trail that took us to the top of the waterfall - a bit of a climb, but this one was easier then Gunlom.  At the top there where a bunch of pools and rocks to climb up and explore.  I was a bit hesitant as I thought it was going to be difficult  to get back out, but as it turned out, it just involved a bit of rock climbing!!!  Well, not really rock climbing, but it did involve climbing across some rocks!!  It was so pretty up top and we where the only people up there!!  The sun was slowly starting to drop and we decided we better head back before we totally lost the sun.  We stopped at a roadhouse and arrived just as the sun was setting over Yellow River.  We missed the actual sunset, but caught the after effect, which if you ask me, is sometimes more beautiful then the sunset!  We fueled up and where off to the campsite at Jim Jim falls.  Of course we arrived after dark, and quickly un-packed everything and prepared supper.  Mixed veggies, T-bone steak and corn on the cob.  Not the same as back home, but still good!  That night I pulled out my didgeridoo and everyone had a go on it.  No one had ever tried before and Karen eventually picked it up.  A played a bit but can't circular breathe so can only do a few notes and sounds at a time.  But still fun!!  Man I gotta practice!  We all hit the sac pretty early, it always surprises me how tired I am at the end of the day!  I had a night-cap of Bailey's on the rocks and was fast asleep!  

Gunlom Falls

Jumping in at the upper pool at Gunlom falls
Barramundi gorge
The top of Barramundi gorge

Sunset at Yellow River

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

First of all, why is that I always seem to fall in love with the 'territories'?????? At least this territory is hot compared to the last territory I was at!!

So, Tuesday morning, after working a night shift, I bicycled home and awaited for my friends to come pick me up in there 4WD truck for out 4 day camping trip. I went with a friend from work Troy, his girlfriend Karen who I met while watching the State of Origin with Jeff and Selina, Troy's best mate Steve, and another guy Paul - who was friends with one of Troy and Karen's friends. There was supposed to be about 2 car loads of people going camping, but you know how it all goes, and people started backing out. I was lucky in that I already had 3 of the days off, and just had to switch one shift! So, I got picked up at about 9:30 - after having a nice glass of Bailey's, and hell, why not a beer to start my day! I would be going on no sleep so I might as well make the day interesting. We stopped for some brekky at a roadhouse, then headed on towards Litchfield National Park, 150km's away from Darwin. We arrived to our first waterfall, Florence Falls, which was only a short walk with a bunch of stairs away from the car park. The falls where beautiful - I can never get over them, and there was a small swimming area where we all got in for our first dip in the water of the day. Surprisingly there was not that many people around and we somehow managed to not arrive when there was a tour group! What a difference not being a tour, we try and avoid them! Our next stop was just up from the falls, the creek that actually forms Florence falls. It consists of a bunch of rock pools where you can pick your spot and chill. We went to a few different pools, jumped in a couple of them as they where quite deep, and walked along the bottom of one of them holding a massive rock. I only did that once as I HATE going under water without holding my nose! But I tried it at least, and walked surprisingly further then I thought I would walk. Both Paul, Troy and Steve had the great Olympus underwater camera, so we had fun taking photos of us underwater carrying the rock! Next stop, Wangi falls, a much bigger falls with a bigger pool. We arrived and of course there where a couple of tour groups there - we arrived at lunch time, but the pool was big enough so it didn't matter so much. We swam across to the waterfalls and found this tiny separate pool between the falls that was up on the rocks. It was pretty small and barely fit the 5 of us, but pleasant none-the-less! After about 45 minutes to an hour of hanging out at the falls, we decided we better hit the road. Destination, Kakadu National Park. We where going to stay in Litchfield for the night, however we decided to get lots of the driving done on the first day - mainly because Steve and Paul where hungover, and I was tired from staying up all night working. We took a short cut that took us to the bottom of Kakadu national park, which was a 4WD road, first time I had been 4WD'g, apart from being on tour, which is much different then being on a massive tour bus, and heaps more fun. Well, except that I took my bathing suit top off after the last swim, and had, well, nil support - not the most pleasant on those roads let me tell you! We drove through tons of sand, lots of very rocky roads, and of course, lots of creeks - FUN FUN FUN!!!! Once we got to Kakadu, we decided to take a bit of a detour and head to Douglas Hot Springs for the night. The itinerary wasn't going as planned as we where actually supposed to leave at 7am however Troy was unable to the the vehicle till the morning, which delayed our departure time, which messed up the schedule for the day. BUT, we didn't really mind as we didn't have any place to be at any specific time, so we didn't mind changing up the plan. We arrived at Douglas Hot Springs just at sunset and started setting up camp. Paul had a small tent that he slept in, Tory and Karen had their own swag as did Steve and I - which I borrowed off a friend. Steve and Troy headed down to the hotsprings, and the rest of us set up and got supper on the go. Roast veggies, burgers and steak was the plan. We all cracked a beer, got the fire going and had a pretty damn good supper. Just like on tour! We where all pretty nackered, and I was in bed at like 9pm, and I crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow. I warned the rest that I love my sleep and can pretty much sleep through anything, so they may have to wake me up in the morning, and sure enough, at 7:30, I got a wake up call from Troy, time to get up and get movin'!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

party time??

Well, it has been quite the exciting time at my place in Darwin. Zoe, my roommate, had a friend from Adelaide come up to Darwin and is living with us as well as one of his friends. They just need a place to crash while they get there own place as well as work. (But I have a feeling they might be here for awhile) They arrived Thursday and went out into town - I was working and didn't meet them until the next day. Friday was a friends birthday, I didn't have to work, and when I woke up, Matty and Zoe where on the balcony chatting, and before I knew it, the beers where a pourin'. I met Matty's friend Micheal (aka, Talbot) and next thing you know Ciaran was home from work. One big happy family! Ciaran drove me to put helium in the balloons for the birthday boy Kirk (he was turning 29 and asked everyone to bring something in either 2's or 9's) as well as picked up some food and hit the liquor store one more time!! We got back to the house and wrote funny sayings on the 9 balloons, drank more beer, and had a couple more friends stop by the house. The party was at a place called the Deckbar on the famous Mitchell street in downtown Darwin, and on Friday's between 5 and 7, they have $3 beers. We all packed in a couple cars - don't worry, there where a couple sober people, and we headed to the bar. Bring on the beers!! The place was pretty packed and I met a bunch of Kirk's friends, plus got to know my new roomies Matty and Talbot. After getting bored at the Deckbar, we headed across the street to the Irish bar - Kitties, and of course, drank more!! At this point we where all pretty hammered, and to be honest, the night is a bit of a blur.

However, I do remember the fish. Yes, the fish. You see, Kirk decided to bring 9 fish to his own party. At the start of the night they where in a nice glass bowl, nice clean water, and they where as happy as could be. Well, you could imagine with a bunch of drunk people harrassing the fish. I believe 2 died, well, I should say where killed by some guy at the start of the night, so that was 2 fish down. (I don't think blowing CO2 into the bowl helped.....) I don't really know what happened in between that and Kitties, but when I got to Kitties, there where 5 fish left. Oh, at this point, they are in a plastic container. Next thing you know, the container falls and there's fish flopping around the dirty, sticky deck. We lost one in the cracks. But wait, we had no water - but we got beer, that will do till we get some water. The poor things where in beer for about 3 minutes until we got some water from the bar. One fish wasn't looking so good! After we got kicked out of Kitties - only because it was closing, we headed out to go to the Vic - a nightclub open till 4am. There was only Kirk, a friend Timmy and three other chicks left. The fish where left in the truck, and we partied it up at the Vic. I found out the next day that th e not so good fish was dead in the morning, but the other three are still kickin, or should I say swimmin?!! I ended up stumbling, I mean, getting home, in a cab of course at around 4am.

Now the joys of living with so many people, is that everyone is up at different times. Zoe and Ciaran left pretty early, so I was woken up at about 10am, and despite my pounding headache, I wasn't able to fall back asleep, so, I got up!

Ciaran had gone to work, and the other three where outside, and what a surprise, not much longer after I arrived, the beers where flowing again!! I had to work nights that night, so i laid of the alcohol, plus my head was not happy with me! Zoe, Matty and Talbot went go-karting, I couldn't even imagine doing that, so I stayed in for the afternoon. One of my friends Kat, was having a BBQ that night, so before I knew it, everyone was back at the house drinking, plus more people, and they where off to the BBQ. Finally, I had some piece and quiet, not I had that much time to sleep, but at least for my head to get better before work!!

Today I woke up at around 3 to Hangover being played as well as some just-a-bit-too-loud music playing. Oh well, I got about 7 hours sleep, so can't complain. But guess what??? Ciaran was still at Kat's drinkin, and talbot was still drinkin'. Man, they just haven't stopped :)

And tomorrow, is a public holiday for 'cup' day. Its the big races and it is a huge event, so they will be out again drinkin at the Darwin Cup. I have to work nights again, so I won't be going, but I think my bank account will be thanking me in the long run. One night, or should I say day AND night, of drinking was enough!! I think it was about 16 hours from my first drink, till my last, not that that is the longest I've drank :) But we don't need to go there!! haha

SO, basically, I think its going to be a very interesting couple of months. Kym and Clozy get back Monday, Coxy is on holidays for 7 weeks, and I believe Kym will be home for a week then back pearl farming. I go camping with some work friends Tuesday after my night shift for 4 days, so at least I won't have to sleep on the couch. But, when I get back, its going to be a full house - and it already is now.......

Pre drinks at the house
One of my new housemates - Matty and I

A bunch of the crew!
Some of the fish, pre beer