Friday, August 28, 2009

Katherine road trip and other stuff thats been going on!

Things are still going great here in Darwin. If any of you remember my previous blogs, Rob who was on my first tour - Perth to Broome, has finished work and arrived in Darwin to chill out and enjoy the nice weather! He arrived last Friday and it's been pretty full on since he arrived. We went out the first night he arrived after I finished work. We tried to get into a silent disco - where everyone is given headsets and there are two DJ's rippin it up, and you get to choose which DJ you want to listen too. However there where only 90 headsets and we where about 120 in line, so we decided to hit one of the pubs to drink and catch up instead! Saturday night was a friends BD party - a silver themed BD party. I thought it was a good excuse to go out and buy some silver bangles and earrings :) We didn't know too many people (it was Karen's BD, the girl I went to Kakadu and Litchfield with, so I knew Karen and Troy), but we made friends with others and had a good time. Plus we shared a cab home with a couple other people so it cost us hardly anything! I worked late shifts that whole weekend, and then had to work an early shift Monday morning, so Sunday was pretty laid back, as was Monday night as I had one last shift Tuesday morning. Then, party time!!!!! We just stayed around the house and drank as it is such a pain in the ass to gets cabs around here, plus its cheaper! Thursday Rob and I went to Crocodylous Park - a research/education place that has been open for 15 years. Not only did they have crocodiles, they had lines, tigers (no bears!) monkeys, birds, turtles and snakes. On a free tour of the park we saw them feed the hungry crocs, had an opportunity to feed them ourselves, but wasn't aggressive enough to get in front and so didn't get to. (I was kinda scared anyways!!) and we got to hold a baby crocodile! So very cool I might add! After spending a couple hours there (and purchasing some croc meat!) we headed home to pack for an overnight trip to Katherine.

My friend Matty (Irish Matty) had an appointment in Katherine at 1000am Friday, and needed a ride in. I have been given the use of Matty's (Adelaide Matty's) Subaru and got permission to take Matty to Katherine in it. I also thought it was a good excuse to go on a road trip and take Rob with me. We left at about 4:30, stopped for some nibblies and for the boys to grab some booze, and off we went. It's about 300 and some kilometers into Katherine and I had to drive about an hour in the dark, which I hate doing here. First off, the speed limit is 130, and driving on these 2 lane highways with big road trains comin' at ya, it's kinda scary for me! Plus, there is always that chance of having a roo run out in front of ya. Luckily, no roo jumped in front of the vehicle, and I managed fine with the massive trucks whizzing by me!! We arrived in Katherine, found a motel and I cracked a much wanted beer! We found a pub that was open so we ordered food (yummy fish and chips!) and of course more beer and played a couple games of pool. We where going to go to another bar once that one closed, but we couldn't find it and we where all pretty tired. So back to the room we went, found a movie on TV, and crashed!! The next day was pretty boring in Katherine, not much to do in the small town of Katherine, Rob and I had brunch then chilled by the pool for a bit. Once Matty was finished we decided we better hit the road as I had to work that evening and I wanted to take Rob to Edith Falls. We fueled up and arrived at Edith falls in the heat of the day. There is a lower pool to swim in that is right close to the car park and then the optional 2.6km return trip to the upper falls. Rob was keen to go, I however was not. But, he had never been there so I sucked it up and off we went. I tell ya, once we arrived in at the pool, I was right in cooling off as it was freakin hot out and I was dying! I had a bit of a 'freak out' as when we where chillin in the water, there was a lizard sun bathing on the rocks that decided it had had enough and jumped in the water - the same water I was in!!!! MAN ALIVE THAT FREAKS ME OUT!!!! LOL

We headed back down to the lower pool and once again, I was extremely hot, so we jumped in the pool as soon as we arrived and cooled down. The falls is quite a swim out and decided to get our exercise for the day and swam to it. The swim back was a bit easier as the current helped out a bit. It was getting late so we grabbed some cold treats and water and hit the road. It was 4:50 and we where still a longs ways from Darwin, and I had to leave at 8pm for work. Cuttin' it a bit close!! Luckily I got home just in time, 7:45, to get my stuff ready and hop on my bike. It is going to be a long night!!!

(oh yeah, on the way home I had a rock hit the windshield, and low and behold, somehow, 4 cracks appeared at the bottom of the windscreen and conveniently made there way up and across the windshield. It hasn't blocked the drivers view, but it is going to have to be replaced. Lovely.)

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