Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day Two - Kakadu National Park

Alright, I better get on this before I forget everything I did!!!

The second day I was woken up by Troy, I crashed the night before and hardly moved!  Guess I was tired.  We put on our swimmers and off to the hot springs we went.  The hot springs where pretty shallow, but there was tons of them with the pools varying in temperature.  The first pool we went in felt like a hot tub, a very hot one!  There where a couple spots that where actually bubbling it was so hot.  We found a couple other pools and shoveled out a hole to sit in - like I said, it was shallow!  After chillin' in the pools for 45 minutes or so, we headed back to camp, packed up, and where off to see more of Kakadu.  We had a bit of a drive again, but I didn't mind so much, I love it!  Our first stop was Gunlom falls, a hike up to the top which was about 80-100m high.  I was told it was pretty easy and could just where my flip-flops, as it turned out, the hike was steep and it just about killed me!!!  I consider myself fairly fit, but when it comes to increasing my heart rate and being out in the heat, my lungs just have a hard time adjusting.  I ended up taking my time and the other flew to the top!  The first set of pools had a komodo dragon, the first time I had seen one...... and a dead snake.  Yes, a very dead, still decomposing snake on the rocks.  The smell was horrendous so we didn't spend much time at that pool.  We walked to the end of the falls and enjoyed the peaceful serenity of Kakadu national park.  The best thing about these parks is that there is no fencing holding you back, so you can go as close to the edge as you want.  We where smart enough and stayed back but there was a couple of guys that where risking it and getting close to the edge, stupid if you ask me.  We headed up at a pool further back and went for a swim up the river a ways.  We found another  kimodo on the rocks and the boys that it would be a good idea to scare the dragon into the water we where swimming in.  Karen and I freaked out and swam away as they scared it into the water.  Boys will be boys!!  Troy and Steve kept on swimming and found this 'cool' waterfall in behind some rocks.  They convinced me to swim through the dragon infested waters to see this waterfall.  I had to climb over a couple rocks in order to get to the waterfall, and it was a bit difficult.  Troy tried to help me, but as I was half up the rock, my foot slipped and I didn't have the upper body strength to pull myself up.  Luckily I didn't hurt myself and found another easier rock to climb up.  Unfortunately the waterfall wasn't as beautiful as I was hoping, but we did kill a cane toad. I will get into the cane toads at another time.  We headed back and started our way back down the steep cliff to the car park, and of course, I had to slip on a rock and roll my ankle.  Thank goodness I didn't twist it, but I was embarrassed as hell.  I decided for the rest of the hike down just to go barefoot, which I hate doing as my feet as so sensitive walking barefoot.  But I made it safely, and decided from that point on that I was wearing my running shoes on any other hike!!  Our next stop was barramundi gorge, about a kilometer walk in - I wore my running shoes on this on.  The gorge itself was pretty big and there was hardly anyone there.  The pool was refreshing getting into but we warmed up to it nicely.  The pool was perfect for cliff jumping and I put in a couple attempts.  Nothing like in Karijini, but still fun!  We then found a trail that took us to the top of the waterfall - a bit of a climb, but this one was easier then Gunlom.  At the top there where a bunch of pools and rocks to climb up and explore.  I was a bit hesitant as I thought it was going to be difficult  to get back out, but as it turned out, it just involved a bit of rock climbing!!!  Well, not really rock climbing, but it did involve climbing across some rocks!!  It was so pretty up top and we where the only people up there!!  The sun was slowly starting to drop and we decided we better head back before we totally lost the sun.  We stopped at a roadhouse and arrived just as the sun was setting over Yellow River.  We missed the actual sunset, but caught the after effect, which if you ask me, is sometimes more beautiful then the sunset!  We fueled up and where off to the campsite at Jim Jim falls.  Of course we arrived after dark, and quickly un-packed everything and prepared supper.  Mixed veggies, T-bone steak and corn on the cob.  Not the same as back home, but still good!  That night I pulled out my didgeridoo and everyone had a go on it.  No one had ever tried before and Karen eventually picked it up.  A played a bit but can't circular breathe so can only do a few notes and sounds at a time.  But still fun!!  Man I gotta practice!  We all hit the sac pretty early, it always surprises me how tired I am at the end of the day!  I had a night-cap of Bailey's on the rocks and was fast asleep!  

Gunlom Falls

Jumping in at the upper pool at Gunlom falls
Barramundi gorge
The top of Barramundi gorge

Sunset at Yellow River

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