Sunday, August 2, 2009

party time??

Well, it has been quite the exciting time at my place in Darwin. Zoe, my roommate, had a friend from Adelaide come up to Darwin and is living with us as well as one of his friends. They just need a place to crash while they get there own place as well as work. (But I have a feeling they might be here for awhile) They arrived Thursday and went out into town - I was working and didn't meet them until the next day. Friday was a friends birthday, I didn't have to work, and when I woke up, Matty and Zoe where on the balcony chatting, and before I knew it, the beers where a pourin'. I met Matty's friend Micheal (aka, Talbot) and next thing you know Ciaran was home from work. One big happy family! Ciaran drove me to put helium in the balloons for the birthday boy Kirk (he was turning 29 and asked everyone to bring something in either 2's or 9's) as well as picked up some food and hit the liquor store one more time!! We got back to the house and wrote funny sayings on the 9 balloons, drank more beer, and had a couple more friends stop by the house. The party was at a place called the Deckbar on the famous Mitchell street in downtown Darwin, and on Friday's between 5 and 7, they have $3 beers. We all packed in a couple cars - don't worry, there where a couple sober people, and we headed to the bar. Bring on the beers!! The place was pretty packed and I met a bunch of Kirk's friends, plus got to know my new roomies Matty and Talbot. After getting bored at the Deckbar, we headed across the street to the Irish bar - Kitties, and of course, drank more!! At this point we where all pretty hammered, and to be honest, the night is a bit of a blur.

However, I do remember the fish. Yes, the fish. You see, Kirk decided to bring 9 fish to his own party. At the start of the night they where in a nice glass bowl, nice clean water, and they where as happy as could be. Well, you could imagine with a bunch of drunk people harrassing the fish. I believe 2 died, well, I should say where killed by some guy at the start of the night, so that was 2 fish down. (I don't think blowing CO2 into the bowl helped.....) I don't really know what happened in between that and Kitties, but when I got to Kitties, there where 5 fish left. Oh, at this point, they are in a plastic container. Next thing you know, the container falls and there's fish flopping around the dirty, sticky deck. We lost one in the cracks. But wait, we had no water - but we got beer, that will do till we get some water. The poor things where in beer for about 3 minutes until we got some water from the bar. One fish wasn't looking so good! After we got kicked out of Kitties - only because it was closing, we headed out to go to the Vic - a nightclub open till 4am. There was only Kirk, a friend Timmy and three other chicks left. The fish where left in the truck, and we partied it up at the Vic. I found out the next day that th e not so good fish was dead in the morning, but the other three are still kickin, or should I say swimmin?!! I ended up stumbling, I mean, getting home, in a cab of course at around 4am.

Now the joys of living with so many people, is that everyone is up at different times. Zoe and Ciaran left pretty early, so I was woken up at about 10am, and despite my pounding headache, I wasn't able to fall back asleep, so, I got up!

Ciaran had gone to work, and the other three where outside, and what a surprise, not much longer after I arrived, the beers where flowing again!! I had to work nights that night, so i laid of the alcohol, plus my head was not happy with me! Zoe, Matty and Talbot went go-karting, I couldn't even imagine doing that, so I stayed in for the afternoon. One of my friends Kat, was having a BBQ that night, so before I knew it, everyone was back at the house drinking, plus more people, and they where off to the BBQ. Finally, I had some piece and quiet, not I had that much time to sleep, but at least for my head to get better before work!!

Today I woke up at around 3 to Hangover being played as well as some just-a-bit-too-loud music playing. Oh well, I got about 7 hours sleep, so can't complain. But guess what??? Ciaran was still at Kat's drinkin, and talbot was still drinkin'. Man, they just haven't stopped :)

And tomorrow, is a public holiday for 'cup' day. Its the big races and it is a huge event, so they will be out again drinkin at the Darwin Cup. I have to work nights again, so I won't be going, but I think my bank account will be thanking me in the long run. One night, or should I say day AND night, of drinking was enough!! I think it was about 16 hours from my first drink, till my last, not that that is the longest I've drank :) But we don't need to go there!! haha

SO, basically, I think its going to be a very interesting couple of months. Kym and Clozy get back Monday, Coxy is on holidays for 7 weeks, and I believe Kym will be home for a week then back pearl farming. I go camping with some work friends Tuesday after my night shift for 4 days, so at least I won't have to sleep on the couch. But, when I get back, its going to be a full house - and it already is now.......

Pre drinks at the house
One of my new housemates - Matty and I

A bunch of the crew!
Some of the fish, pre beer

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