Sunday, July 26, 2009

The ride to work

Me and my bicycle - kind of reminds me of the queen song!!

We are slowly getting to know each other very well and by the time I leave Darwin I'm sure we will have connected in a way that I can't imagine! haha Do I love my bicycle, not so much - I think we have more or less of a love/hate relationship!! Everyday I hop on my bike and cycle approximately 12 km's to work. My ride to work isn't so bad, a couple small hills I have to conquer, but the worst is the traffic lights and intersections. Oh how I hate traffic as a cyclist! I mainly stay off the road and stick to the sidewalks unless its a side street and dark out - then I move to the road so I can be seen and also see where I'm going. I actually have to head to the cycling store to get a light for my bike as when I ride at night, there are a few streets that can be fairly dark - plus it makes it easier for other pedestrians to see me coming!

The sidewalks are not that well maintained and my poor ass is pretty sore! The worst, I am working full time so am riding pretty much 5 days a week, which averages 120 km's a week!! (wow, i just surprised myself figuring that number out!) The ride home is the worst, but at least I don't have worry about being home by a certain time. Although I don't usually take my time as I try and think of it as a workout as well. I also try and change up the route I take as well, just to make life interesting! As I don't have a time limit there are about 3 or 4 different ways I can get home, so I don't get too bored doing the same route. However, there are about 2 that I usually alternate between as they are the quickest. The hardest ride home has been after working nights. We work 10 hour night shifts, which is new to me, and my feet are pretty sore by the end of the shift - and then I get to ride home on my bike!! I am working my first lot of nights right now, 4 in a row, and the first morning, and the third morning have been the worst. Yesterday morning it probably took me just over 40 minutes to get home, I was so tired and my legs where aching!! I think there is more of a constant incline on the way home, either that or I am just exhausted from the shift. Could more likely be the latter.

It should be interesting as the weeks go by, and the built up starts. I don't think I have to worry about it all too much for the next while. But into September and October I think I may have to leave home earlier just so I can shower at work before my shift starts. For those of you unaware, here in Darwin, just prior to the wet season, we get what is known as the built-up. And extreme increase in humidity with thunder and lighting storms, but no rain (I am really looking forward to the storms!) From what I hear, 100% humidity is not uncommon, in fact, expect it. It could be interesting riding to work in 100% humidity, do you think I''ll lose weight just from all the sweating? I'm hoping I won't experience the full on build-up as I leave October 7th, but I'm going to expect the worst!
And don't worry.....I wear a helmet :)

Me and my bike!

Some large cane toads we found under our deck the other night. They are actually a pest here in Australia, and if you find them you are meant to kill them! We didn't kill these guys, too hard to get to.

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