Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 18 - Bungle Bungles!!!!


Today, was all about the bungle bungles.  One of the ladies on the tour came just to see the BB.  She had been to Australia twice but was here during the wet season and so couldn't get to them, so for her 70th BD, her son brought her to the BB.  We where up early, and off to see echidna chasm, a very cool and narrow walk in.  You could walk about a km in, and that was all.  We headed back out and drove to mini palm gorge - we had a short time here as a bunch of us where booked on the helicopter tour, so we had to leave by a certain time.  The first 3/4 of the walk was on a creek bed, with tons of small loose rocks, and I have a hell of a time walking on loose rocks.  Once we got to the entrance of the gorge, I walked about 20M in, and realized it was half the time we had, so I better head back as I didn't want to have to run on the loose rocks in order to catch the bus!  So I went back, taking my time, and arrived on time, in fact, a bit early, and as it turned out, our guide was actually late getting back!  But it was all good, we arrived in time for the heli tours, and myself, along with 5 others, where the first to go up.  I wasn't going to go on the heli ride, however I felt if I didn't do it was going to regret it, so I treated myself to a 'birthday present' and paid the $300 for the doors off, 30 minute helicopter tour.  While we where in the air, the others where getting lunch ready - sweet!  The tour was pretty spectacular, and yes, I am glad that I went.  It truly gives you an appreciation for the size of the national park and how cool the bungle bungles really are!  We had a total of 14 out of 19 people take the heli tour - the largest group of people our guide has ever sent up, normally only 3 or 4 go, just because it is so expensive.  He had never been on the helicopter either, so he took it upon himself to go up and see it for himself as well.  After we all had lunch we headed to one of the popular walks through the BB, and into the cathedral and amphitheater.  We walked through the BB, saw some incredible geography and some massive termite mounds.  Which, did you know, the mounds are made of dirt that the termites eat, then either spit it out, vomit it out, or shit it out, and it sticks to the mound!!!!  And the mounds are as hard as rock!  Anyways, we walked into the infamous cathedral where there is a natural amphitheater built into the rock.  One of the girls is a singer and she sang into the amphitheater and it truly was like being in an opera house!  The cathedral was massive and had some really cool rock formations that have formed over the many years of erosion.  We then walked out to a lookout point, and wow, I could have stayed there for hours!  Such a peaceful and unique place. After we finished taking photo's, the sun was starting to disappear so we headed back to camp for supper - roo was on the menu tonight, yumm yumm!!  We had a nice chill night, had some beers, played some campfire games, told jokes, and played jokes on other people (on of the young German guys fell asleep early in is swag, and 4 of us picked up his swag and moved him about 20 feet away and left him!  He had to get out of his swag and move it back to the camp fire - tee hee).  What a good day I must admit!

Echidna chasm

Looking up in the chasm, can you see the face?? 
In the air at the BB
So stunning!
The heli I took
Can you spot the face?  Honestly, I could find them everywhere!!  This was in the ampitheter
BB's at ground level

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