Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 16 - El Questro

Today was a REALLY REALLY early morning (in order to get everything in for that day, we had too)......I was the last one up at 0450, was supposed to be up at 0430, but didn't hear the wake up call, oops.  We skipped breakfast at camp and stopped at around 7am at a rest stop and had breakfast, this time we had the luxury of having toast, hashbrowns and baked beans - these where to keep the english happy!!  Normally breakfast included toast - cooked over the burner and cereal.  We had a long morning of driving down the Gibb road, 4WD, and it was pretty rough, we had to cross the Gibb river as well, but it wasn't too deep, just rocky!  The distance we traveled wasn't that bad compared to the driving up to Broome, however there are creeks we have to drive through, and rocky roads, so it takes just as long.  We stopped at the famous Flinders ranges to take photos.  If any of you have seen the movie Australia, this is where most of it was filmed as well as the backdrop for the movie.  After an abundance amount of photos where taken, we headed on to our camp for the night, a cattle station.  We arrived at El Questro cattle station, had a quick lunch and then our plan was to go to Emma's gorge.  However we where too lazy eating breakfast and taking photo's at Flinders ranges and so we didn't have enough daylight.  Instead, we went to El Questro gorge, and even that gorge was cutting close, as it was pretty dark by the time we got back to the bus - well, there was one lady who was quite slow, and it was dark by the time she and the guide returned.  El Questro gorge was a beautiful walk into the gorge, and we didn't have to climb down into it, we just walked right in!  There was a small waterhole where we went in for a 'wade', couldn't really swim in it!!  While we where waiting for the others to come back, we saw an amazing sunset with a full moon.  Stunning!  Once we got back to camp, I showered - my first shower since leaving Broome, however we had been swimming everyday so I didn't really feel dirty, just wanted to wash my hair!  We had campfire lamb chops, sausage, coleslaw (ew) and potato salad (ew).  It was the first night where I didn't enjoy most of the food - it was just a meat night for me!!  There was plenty of meat though and I also filled up on beer :)  It was once again, an early night, but that was how this crew I rolled with it!
The group at Flinders Ranges
Me at Flinders Ranges
....and again!
one of the signs before starting the Gibb Road, serious shit!
El Questro is thata way!
El Questro gorge
Some of the girls 'wading' in the water at the gorge!

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