Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 9 & 10 - Karijini, Pardoo & Drive to Broome

So the last two days weren't too eventful, full of driving with a couple stops.  Day 9 was our third and last day in Karijini National Park, we went to the last gorge, Knox gorge, which Rob, Rich and I had already been down with the class 6 day.  We all went again though, in fact, Pete stayed back with make sure everyone was ok, and I led the way to the water!  No one fell this time, and I was the first to jump in the water, cannonball style of course!   We didn't stay long as we had to be at a roadhouse by 10 as some of our crew was going back to Perth.  We said our sad goodbyes, and we where off to our last camp, Pardoo Cattle station.  It was the first place we arrived at when it was still light out.  We all jumped out of the bus and hit the swimming pool, and then of course cracked a beer.  It was a chill evening, the boys bbq steaks and sausages for us, and we where all in bed pretty early.  We slept in our swags under the stars, what can be worse?!!  

Day 10 was another long day of driving.  We got to sleep in though, leaving at 7:30, and headed to 80 mile beach, which if you can believe it, its 80 miles long!!  The tide was out when we arrived and Rob and I walked forever out to the beginning of the water, but we had to be careful as there where jelly fish around.  The beach wasn't anything too special, other then it went on forever (129kms to be exact).  We grabbed an ice cream and headed back on to the bus.  One stop for our last lunch together, then we drove toBroome.  2 of the gentlemen that we picked up in Exmouth, Dick and Phil, who left after Karijini, gave Pete $100 to buy us beers when we arrived in Broome - sweet!!!  We arrived at Cable Beach at 1630 to watch the sunset and we drank our beer that Pete bought for us.  We all went in for a swim as well and it was so refreshing, man I love the water!!  Most of the crew went for a nice dinner in Cable beach, however Katie, Vicky, Rob and myself didn't really feel like spending the money.  So we headed back to the hostel we where staying at and hung out there, drinking more of the beer which was free!  It was a pretty chill night and most of us crashed early.  As Broome was free time for us, we had to pay for our own accommodation, so some people where in Broome city center and others where at the YHA in Cable Beach.  I shared a room with 3 other girls from the tour, all of which where going to Darwin with me.  That was it for day 9, now we had a couple days to chill in Broome on our own, however, most of us hung out together anyways!  

Our total km's driven from Perth to Broome was approximately 4300!!  We didn't have an exact amount as the bus was getting the AC fixed in Exmouth, which by the way, they couldn't get fixed, so we had no AC all the way to Broome.  It wasn't so bad for Rob and I at the front as we where able to get somewhat of a breeze from the front windows being open, however from what I understand, the people at the back where dying.

The back of the bus!!
Me and the boys, before some of them left to go back to Perth
Eighty mile beach
The Broome crew, havin' some beers on the beach!
Sunset at Cable Beach

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