Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 7 - Karijini National Park

So Karijini National Park is all about the gorges.  In three days, we saw all 6 gorges, and it was jam packed with hikes (bush walks as they call them here), some being very difficult.  After seeing all the gorges, I am surprised how open they are to the public as it would be very easy to roll and ankle or seriously hurt yourself.  To be honest, if it was Canada, you would probably only be able to access them by tour group only.  An average, a rescue takes 8-12 hours if you hurt yourself and can't get out.  We started our day off with Dales gorge, which has three pools. As this was our first gorge and we where all interested in the cultural side of Western Australia, we introduced ourselves to the gorges and land which involved an introduction of yourself to the ground, and rubbing the red soil on your hands and arms.  It was interesting, and the damn dirt didn't rub off that easily!  We all looked like oompa loompa's!!  Even in the water at the gorges, we where all slightly orange in color, looking like a really bad spray tan! The first pool was circular pool, a chilly pool, but the water coming down from the rocks was very warm.  We then headed to Fortescue falls, a beautiful waterfall into a pool down below.  Not many went in the pool, however I did!  Why not, only live once, and I was already wet from the first pool.  We then made the short walk to the last pool, Fern Pool, that had more spiritual influence, and there was sign asking you not to jump in so as to not disturb the spirits.  We all obliged. After a brief swim, we headed back , ate some lunch and went to the visitors center.  The center was made all from iron ore, due to the abundance supply, and had many cultural paintings ect, inside.  We then drove to Kalamina gorge, a short and easy walk to this gorge where we snacked on fruit cake and hung out by the pool and falls.  Only a couple people went swimming in this gorge and I was not one of them, could really be bother to be honest.  After a nice break and a few photos - ok, you know me, many photos, we headed back to the campsite to start super.  We had thai curry chicken (which I could eat!! yay!!)  and my infamous rice.  It had quite the kick to it, and it was so yummy!  Still can't get over how good the food was, and we where camping!  Love it!

We also got information about having the chance to go into a class 6 gorge (sort of like the classes with white water rafting) which required abseiling and rock climbing.  Rob had wanted to do it prior to coming on the tour.  We saw a video on what was involved, and in the end, Rich, Rob and myself decided to do it.  It was going to cost AUS245, but after not seeing where the whale sharks, I wanted something exciting!  That night we stayed up drinking (beer and even a little JD), Rich, Rob and I the last to hit the sac.  We where going to miss out on three gorges the next day by doing this class 6, but I felt this would be much better, plus we didn't have to get up till 6:30 where as the others had to leave at 6:30!  sweet!

Circular pool at Dales gorge
Fortesque falls
Kalamina gorge
Swimming at circular pool
Hiking in class!

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