Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ghan to Alice Springs

So on June 27th, I was up early and off to catch the shuttle bus to take me (as well as Brid and Gethin) to the train station to catch the Ghan to Alice Springs. It was going to be a 26 hour train ride so I had been to the grocery store the day before to grab some grub so I didn't have to pay the ridiculous prices on the train. All three of us where in the same carriage, not too far away from each other, in our 'day/night seaters, the same as when I took the Indian Pacific to Perth. Brid and Gethin had extra leg room, (bastards!) and at night one slept on the floor, the other on the two seats. After we ate our own suppers - I had tuna, they had made egg sandwich's which where so soggy!!! Glad I wasn't eating those! We stayed up playing cards for a bit but the dinner car shut down at 10pm, so we went back to our seats at 9:55pm as to not piss off any of the attendants as they where pretty bitchy (unlike the super nice attendants on the Indian Pacific train) After playing on my computer for a bit, I took a benadryl to help me sleep, which sort of helped. I was able to sleep on and off and whenever I woke up, I just moved positions, and fell right back to sleep, well I guess you could say I passed out. Probably not the best for my muscles as they tensed up cause I was 'passed out' from the benadryl and didn't wake up if I was uncomfortable. I had a bite to eat when I woke up in the morning, and then dozed on and off (the benadryl was still working!) until we arrived in Alice Springs at about 11am. We took the free shuttle bus to our hostel, Toddy's which was about a 10 minute walk from central Alice. We couldn't get into our rooms right away, so we left our stuff and walked into Alice. We had a beer at Bojangles, one of the more popular pubs in Alice, and did some errands getting ready for our tour which started the next day.
The hostel we where staying at wasn't the 'nicest'. It was pretty old, the hostel was also a motel, with the dorms in behind the motel....where there was not much light AT ALL. Kind of scary as I have heard horror stories of people in Alice (one friend had a gun pulled on her.....need I say more) and there was one older gentlemen at the hostel who was saying someone stole his car keys from his room and stole his car. We where also give just one sheet to sleep with, and it got flippin' cold at night, down to 5 degrees and I friggin' froze at night.
Anyways, that evening, where there is a pub attached to our hostel, my friend Collette who I traveled with briefly in January, was at the pub celebrating one of her friends leaving parties. We went in for a couple beers, then headed to bed as we where pretty tired from the train ride and had to get up at 5am the next day for our tour!!

Drinks at Bojangles pub in Alice Springs

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