Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 11-12, Broome

Those that where traveling on, had 2 full days in Broome to do whatever you wanted.  Most people where in town for a few days anyways so most of us hung out together, especially us that all stayed at the YHA in Cable beach, about 5 minutes away from Broome.  We had a small sleep in, I got up at about 9am, and after having a small breakfast, a bunch of us headed to the beach.  It was a beautiful day and we spent a lot of the time in the water, playing in the waves and suntanning.  We where hoping for a nice sunset, but of course it clouded over so it was uneventful.  We had some fish and chips at the beach and then a bunch of us all headed into Broome to watch Star Trek at the outdoor cinema.  7 of us went into town to watch it, and we where early, so we headed to Pearlers for a couple beers before the show started.  Lois, our dear dear Lois came with us, and she insisted on paying for the cab ride in, then she insisted on buying the first round of beer at the pub.  And she didn't stop there, in fact, no one could stop her!!!  She bought us another round of beer, then all of our movie tickets, an ice cream at the movie, and then the cab ride home.  She went crazy!!!!  Not that I was complaining!!!  It was believed that she did this as Phil and Dick gave us $100 for beer, and I guess at the dinner the first night in Broome that I didn't go to, one of the other lady's was buying drinks for everyone, so we think she did this to 'compete' in a way.  
The next day, I was keen on doing something adventurous, and there was a kayaking trip that was available.  Michael and Rob joined me on a three hour tour of some of the coast line.  We didn't see much marine life, a turtle, what was possibly a sting ray, and we stopped at some caves where we saw some fossils.  What was most fun about it was the water fights we had with the paddles!!  We where all getting into it, and by the time it was over, we where soaking wet!  Once we got back to the hostel, we took the bus into Broome and had a late lunch and hit the pub for some cheap beer!  We stayed for quite awhile, and got nice and drunk, hitching a ride with one of the other empty tour buses that was heading back to the hostel.  Thank goodness as I didn't want to have to pay for the cab ride :)  Once we got back to the hostel, we had a couple more beers and then hit the hay as Rob had to get up at 4:30 to head back to Broome, and I had to get up at 5:30 for the start of my second tour!

The outdoor cinema
Our kayaks
Rob and I with out Kayak
Inside some caves
Michael Rob and I

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