Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 21 - Edith Falls and drive to Darwin

Can't believe it, 21 days, 7800 km's, lots of food, lots of walks, waterfalls, sunset marine life.....man, the list goes on.
I am very glad I have kept this blog and wrote everything down that I did, cause 1 month later after getting back, I don't think I would have been able to remember everything!
Day 21 was a bit more relax. I was woken up at 0710 and probably would have slept more, I guess I did drink a lot the night before! We had a lovely breakfast of pancakes, anything different then toast and cereal is a good thing at this point in the tour :)  We walked the 4km loop at Edith falls and went for a swim in the upper pools.  The current was very strong and there where lots of boulders in the pool to swim around.  It was a nice relaxing and cool morning swim.  Once we arrived back to the camp ground, Justin and a couple people went off to make lunch and the rest of us went for the swim at the base of the falls.  It was about a 400m swim to the waterfall, and I did it along with a few other people.  Some people swam right under the fall, but I just kept to the side, not getting completely drenched with water from the falls.  We saw some cool frogs on the side of the cliff, and then took the nice relaxing swim back, with the current helping us.  And luckily, none of us where attacked by a croc :) see picture below.  After having our last lunch together (sandwiches as usual!), we hoped back on the bus and drove toward Darwin.  We stopped at a local aborginal center where myself and Felix each bought a didgeridoo.  I could have bought one is so many places, but this was local place and much more of the proceeds from the didg go directly back into the community.  Felix mailed his home, but I kept mine and will practice every day!!  We headed into Darwin where I found my hostel (the Youth Shack or the Love Shack as I called it!), and man was it weird to be own my own!!  No itinerary to follow, but no one to cook for me :(  We arrived in Darwin on a Thursday where they have the famous Mindil Beach markets.  I was staying in the same hostel as Michael and we both headed down together.  It was a bit of a walk, but the weather was beautiful so I didn't mind, and what's another 3km walk :)  We ended up meeting up with other people from our group and hung out together.  I had awesome barramundi fish and chips for supper, with sweet chili sauce of course, and we cruised the markets.  I, after spending WAY too much money on the tour didn't buy anything, but did window shop for later when I do have money!  We all caught a cab back into town and met at one of the many pubs in town for some last drinks with the tour group.  They where all a pretty laid back crew so it was a fairly quiet night, well, until later when all the boring people left, then we pulled out the shots, and before we knew it, it was pushing 2am!  There was 5 of us left, and we where craving late night food, we headed to the 24 hour eatery and chowed down.  It was a late night, but definitely a great way to end an AMAZING tour.  

Now, how to remember how to turn that stove on......

Edith Falls
Another picture of the upper pool where we swam

The sign before getting in the water :)  Don't freak out now, we actually didn't see any
Entering the Northern Territory!

Marina and I at the pub, I didn't take many photos that night 

The train of shots to end the night :)

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