Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Darwin, June 12-14th

So I had three days in Darwin to get my shit together, and then I was off to Bali.  I had a nice sleep in after my night out with the tour group, but did have stuff to do so got out of bed at a reasonable hour.  My poor mom was a bit concerned for me as I had not talked to her in close to 2 weeks, but the whole 9 days from Broome to Darwin was in the middle of nowhere and so had minimal access to phone and internet.  And when I did have internet access, it was only briefly and I was having too much fun to bother going on line.  When I checked my e-mail in Darwin, there was a message from mom to call home, so that was one of the first things I did, and of course there was no one home!  I met up with my Canadian friends (Jeff and Selena) who live here in Darwin, actually, they weren't really 'friends' from home, as I had never met them before, but they where friends with one of my friends from home, but now they are my friends!  We went to Crocosauraus Cove and checked out the massive salt water crocs, as well as the reptiles.  It was pretty impressive and the reptiles where actually active and moving, not just sleeping! Some time ago they came out with this cage that you could pay to go in and they would lower you into the water with one of the crocs.  The first while I guess the crocs went crazy and attacked the cage, but we saw 2 people go in and the crocodile barely batted an eye.  They are so used to people coming in the water, they don't even care, what a waste of money!!  We then got some food and had a couple beers in a local pub.  I said goodbye and moved on to meet up with Brid and Gethin, my friends who arrived in Darwin the same day I did.  We went to a pub that had $3 pints till 7, and was drunk my 6:30!!  We then went to a nightclub, and got some food.  By 9 o'clock I was smashed and extremely tired, so I took off and went to bed!  I think all the early mornings from the tour was catching up as I could barely keep my eyes open.... and no, it had nothing to do with the drinking!!  

The next day was pretty slack, took it easy, then met up with Jeff and Selena and went to an AFL footy game.  There was one game per year that comes to Darwin to play, and I was in town to go!  It was the Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide Power.  The bulldogs destroyed port Adelaide, but it was still a good game as we got good and drunk!!  We had these three Aussie's next to us that where a ton of fun and we just drank.  There is a picture of all the beer we drank, and between 6 of us, we drank 66 beer in about 3 hours.  But we didn't stop there, we went across to the local 'legian' where we had more drinks, and waited for one of the guys wives to come pick us up and we went into town to a bar, and continued to drink!!!  I didn't get home till about 2am, and again, was exhausted!!  Why do I keep doing this to myself!  

My flight to Bali was the next day and thank goodness it wasn't till the evening, but I still had to check out by 10am.  It was a pretty relax day though, I went to the beach with Marina, but it was steaming hot out and there was no shade on the beach.  We stayed for about an hour then headed back into town and chilled by the pool at my hostel.  I took off at about 5 and met my friend Warwick at the shuttle station and we took the bus to the airport.  Our flight was at about 8pm, and I was about to start another awesome adventure - INDONESIA!!!!

Unfortunately I didn't take too many photo's......I guess I was photo'd out from the tour!!

Massive croc foot
This picture doesn't do justice for how big he was!

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