Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 15 - Gelvins gorge

Woke up with an amazing sunrise right in front of our eyes, we didn't even need to get out of our swags!  It rained on and off that night, so I didn't have a great sleep, but the swags are waterproof and have a flap that you can put over your head so you can stay dry.  After breakfast we packed up and drove to Gelvin's gorge where after a short walk we saw some of the oldest spirit paintings in Australia, approx 40,000 years old.  Although there may have been other paintings found somewhere in the NT that are suggested to be 90,000 years old, but they are not open to the public, in fact, most people don't even know where they are.  The aboriginals keep much a secret and very little is told about their history and beliefs.  We had a swim in the gorge - a massage under the waterfall, and some of the boys swung on the rope into the water.  We drove to Manning gorge after, which is where we camped for the night, as well as had lunch before departing on our most difficult walk of the tour.  It was a total of 9km, return, with large and small rocks and boulders to get pass.  About 3 people stayed behind. We also had to swing across a billabong in order to start the hike, which also meant, striping down to our swimmers, and putting everything in a styrofoam box, and swim across.  So cool!! Once we got to the gorge, it was one of the largest water pools yet, and we got to spend a good hour here, and we even got snacks from Justin, our tour guide.  Gotta love snacks!!  I also had a tiny spider on my face, I was just hanging out by the rocks in the water, chatting away, and someone said, you you got something on your face, and flung it off and once I realized it was a spider, I totally freaked out and swam away!!  I had a freakin' spider on my face!!  Eeewwwww! LOL

We headed back and arrived just in time for a nice sunset, and to start cooking supper, honey soy chinese, and I could eat it!  Man I love eating on this trip!!

We sat around the campfire, drinking beer, and this is when Justin pulled out the didgeridoo, and man, could he play.  He pretty much grew up in the NT, and has gotten to know some of the aboriginals who have taught him - also he had 9 months in bed after an accident, lots of time to practice!!  We all had a go at it, well, not me, this time anyways, as I had a bit of a sore throat!  I did try it later on in the tour though!  Overall, a pretty good day I reckon!! 

Morning sunrise!

Gelvin's gorge

Spirit paintings
Portaging our things across the billabong
Manning gorge

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