Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chillin in Darwin

After arriving in Darwin so bloody early in the morning, Brid Gethin and I hung out at the airport, trying to stay awake, although it wasn't very difficult too.  We caught the morning shuttle into town, arriving at my hostel around 7am.  I could check in, but my room wasn't going to be ready till noon, so I went into Darwin, did some errands, applying for a job to work here in Darwin, applying for my nursing registration, calling home, ect.  I really want to work here in Darwin for a few months, however I found out that there is no accommodation at the staff village.  I was really bummed out as I didn't want to have to live in a hostel and have to bus it or cab it to work as the hospital is about 15km from the city center.  It was a bit of an emotional day as I was tired, excited about the possibility of a new job, but then really disappointed about no accommodation.  That night I went to the Mindil Beach markets and ended up meeting up with Kym, who I met in Adelaide during my 'epic' weekend.  He is working on the pearl farms and was in for the weekend.  I met a few of his friends up here, who have a house, and guess what, one of their roommates Coxy, who also works on the pearl farms, is gone for 2 weeks and back for 5 days.  If I wanted, I could stay in his room while he is away.  I was so excited that I wasn't going to have to stay in a hostel, and my spirits where back up!!  We spend a few hours at the beach, watching an amazing sunset, listening to EmDee, an amazing didg player, and then headed back home - I was gettin' pretty tired from not sleeping the night before :)

I also met up for supper with Jeff and Selina, I had stuff at their place from when I was in Bali, so I had some switching of clothes to do before heading down to Alice Springs.  I told them about my new plans for a place to stay, and they said the community I was going to live in was still a ways from the hospital.  When they drove me home they showed me how far it was, and it was a definite hike!!  BUT, at least I wouldn't be living in a hostel, and I figured I could always catch the bus, or heck, even buy a bicycle!!  

The Mindil beach markets
Amazing sunset!
Zoe, my future new roommate and I at the beach
EmDee playing the Didgeridoo!!

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