Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 20 - Edith FAlls

Today after packing up the bus we drove back down to Lake Argyle and checked out the man made damn, as well as the lookout over the lake. The earth-filed damn was completed in 1971 and is 335m long and 98m high.  After snapping photos and looking for more crocs, which we saw none, we headed on the bus for the drive to Katherine for a brief stop.  We where supposed to stay in Katherine however there is not too much exciting in Katherine so we continued on to Edith Falls for the night.  It was a long day of driving once again and I sat beside Felix who was just as interested in the Didg as I was, so we pulled out Justin's Didg and practiced while on the bus.  The nice thing was that the bus made enough noise that we didn't distract others as we tried to find the perfect didg note!  Not that we found it, but we practiced for a long time!!  We cooked a big casserole when we finally arrived at Edith Falls, and I made my infamous rice - which Justice was very impressed with!  We then met up with another group in the camp ground, Justin played the didg for them, and we all had a few drinks.  They had an early morning, so our group went to our camp fire and continued drinking, having fun.  There was about 6 of us that stayed up, and we weren't being overly load, but at about 1230 this old 'grey nomad' as they call them, came over and gave us shit, yelling at us that they where trying to sleep, and all they could hear was people talking and laughing - it couldn't have been my laugh..... :)   But he threatened us and said he was going to complain to the manager the next morning, blah blah blah......the thing that pisses me off is that we had no warning what-so-ever, from anyone.  No one came up to us and said, listen, can  you keep it down a bit, you're keeping people up.  We had no idea we where being loud enough to keep people up, so don't come over yelling at us, cause obviously we where not aware.  Now if we had been warned, he has every right to yell at us.  Anyhow, we quieted down, and not long after his yelling match, we decided that we should go to sleep anyways as we had to get up early the next day, as usual.  We all grabbed our swags and slept, or should I say, passed out, by the fire! Not too much of an eventful day, but good none-the-less!

AND, sadly, I don't have many photos from the day as it was pretty eventful, there's one with me infront of the lake, and then I added one of me here in Darwin - which has nothing to do with the tour!!
Just a very small portion of the lake

Me and my new roomie down at Mindil beach for the sunset here in Darwin

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