Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kuta, take two

So we arrived back in Kuta late afternoon after a long day of traveling.  We had no accommodation booked so had to walk around with our big pack's trying to find a place to stay.  We where in the heart of Kuta and I wanted a pool, which was proving to be a bit difficult, and Warwick was still not feeling great and getting a bit tired walking around.  We came across an 'uppity' hotel, and decided to treat ourselves for the last couple of nights.  The hotel had air conditioning, hot water, and the best, it had a pool, all for $20/night!  By the time we chilled, showered and headed back out, it was pretty late, so we grabbed a quick supper and headed back to the room to watch a bit of TV and crash.  The next day Warwick and I did our own thing after breakfast.  He had a few errands to do then hung out in the air conditioned room trying to get his stomach back in order, and I, well, I went shopping!!!  I knew I wanted a new wardrobe and found a place that had a bunch of things that I wanted, and bought it all there.  I got 3 dresses, a pair of shorts and 2 T-shirts for AUS$40!  I also bought a new pair of shades, Dior of course, and a new bathing suit.  I treated myself to a pedi, mani, massage and a facial.  It wasn't the best that I've had, but I wasn't complaining, it was cheap, and nice and relaxing!!  I also got a taste of what it was like to tour around Bali on my own.  Much different compared to walking around with a guy next to me.  I got harassed much more, had guys whistle at me, ask me if I wanted a taxi?  no, then how bout a kiss?  I also got grabbed more to try and come in their stores, but nothing I couldn't just ignore and walk right by them.  That afternoon after my massage, I headed back to the hotel and chilled by the pool in my new bathing suit, working on my tan!  We went out for our last supper together in Bali, and sadly, it was one of the worse suppers we had, but it still eatable!  The elections where in July and there was a debate on TV, everyone was watching it, getting right into it.  It was quite entertaining as elections are still quite new for Indonesia and everyone was watching it.  We headed back early, again, and we watched a really bad movie and then went to bed.  That night was one of the worst nights we had.  For whatever reason our room was LOADED with mossies and both Warwick and I got eaten alive.  I maybe got 4 hours of sleep, and that was after taking an antihistamine to try and stop the itching and help me sleep.  They where everywhere and would get under the sheets, bit my hands, my face, my neck, or the worst, buzz in my bloody ear......  errrrr!  Warwick had a flight at 1pm and left the hotel at 8am.  I was up early cause of the mossies and after hitting the Internet cafe and eating some breakfast, I spent the entire day at the pool!  I was able to leave my bags locked up at the hotel as my flight wasn't till 11pm.  The second game of the state of origin rugby match between Queensland and New South Wales was on at 6pm, so I found a pub nearby and sat and watched my first rugby game, which, I thoroughly enjoyed !  I ate my first western food since being in Bali that night, pizza, and had a couple beer.  Had to have pizza while watching sports and drinking beer!!  The game ended at 8 and I caught a cab to the airport.  I checked in, and while waiting, Brid and Gethin walked by.  We had the same flight home so I had someone to chat with and we shared our Bali stories!!

What an amazing time I had in Bali, and 10 days wasn't enough!  There is still more of Bali that I would like to see and do, and hey, I could just chill on the beach all day!  I never surfed, nor see any of the volcanoes which if I went back, I would definitely try and do!  Depending on how much money I can save over the next couple of months, I may try and go back for another week....or maybe 10 days again!!!

A few more photo's from Bali:

Gili sunset
In Ubud
Some of the advertising for the election

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