Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 14 - Bells gorge

Up at 0600 today, I was the last one up - so much for the sun waking you up!!  We drove to a roadhouse to fuel up as we had a small leak in the fuel tank - awesome, and then headed on to Bell's gorge.  It was a neat gorge as in order to get to the base, you needed to cross the top of the waterfall, portaging our stuff using about 4 people!  We then had a steep climb down before arriving at the base.  It was  a beautiful gorge - I love them all, and went for a nice swim.  The nice thing about the Kimberly's is that we weren't in as much of a rush so we had more time at each of the gorges.  We headed up the steep rock face, and portaged our stuff again, then proceeded back to the bus.  We then headed to our camp, which was a bush camp tonight.  We actually weren't supposed to bush camp till the fourth night, however our tour guide changed the itinerary slightly, and I could see why.  Our bush camp, was, well, spectacular.  We stayed at a lookout spot on the side of a hill and the view was breath-taking!  We started a fire right away - we took firewood from the hills around us, and starting cooking.  Tonight was a campfire lamb roast, campfire potatoes, veggies, and even gravy.  Who woulda thought you could cook a roast, on the campfire, well, you can.  He had a campfire oven I believe they call them, and you get hot hot coals and place them under the oven, around the oven, and on top of the oven.  Tonight was one of our earlier nights for eating, chowing down at around 7:30.  This group wasn't as much into the drinking, and we had 5 people 55+, so everyone was usually in bed early.  Although i was pretty exhausted myself, so wasn't complaining about hitting the sac early as well
At the top of Bells gorge
Crossing the top of the waterfall
Base of Bell's gorge
Our food cooking!
Our view!!!!!!

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