Sunday, January 4, 2009

17 and counting....

Well, the Christmas season is now over and we are into the new year, and departure time is getting closer and closer! Slowly I am getting more things done, but I am definitely getting very excited. I have a few shifts left at the hospital, a roughnecks game, a wedding... then see ya later!! lol

My Christmas was good considering I worked. My aunt and two of her kids came, who are young enough to still believe in Santa....boy its been a long time since we've had to leave cookies and milk out for Santa!! We also had one of my sister's friends stay with us as she has no family here. It was a full house that's for sure. Even my Grandparents stayed at the house longer then sister got a Wii so my Grandpa was perfecting his gold swing!!! (normally they're gone by 7pm)
New years was, well, interesting! Everyone was kinda up in the air about what they wanted to do, so last minute I went out with my sister and her friend to a house party. Got very drunk in front of strangers, and had to go home at 1am. Not one of my most proudest moments, but hey, it happens.

So I just put up my car for sale :( It is my first car and I love my car. I was very sad to put it on the market, but I have no where to keep it, and by the time I pay for storage, it's not worth it. Plus I have no clue what my plans are after Australia, and its pushing 8 years.....time to sell. Its been such a great little I just hope I can sell it in a relatively decent time, I hate leaving stuff for my parents to do for me while I'm off on some adventure!!

So back to my Australia trip....haha....I have a few things booked for when I get there. First of all, of course, the Australian Open on the 30th and 31st. Then my friend is coming to Melbourne from Tasmania, we have tickets to see Wicked, then on the 2nd we take a three day tour down the great ocean road to Adelaide. The following day, we take a ferry to Kangaroo Island where we spend three more days (it's bigger then the size of Singapore!). Once we are finished there, we have a couple days on the town to explore Adelaide and surroundings, then I had back to Melbourne to fly to Tassie for my three month work contract!! Eeeee!
Happy New Year - this is going to be an exciting 2009!

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