Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ants, ants, and more ants!!!!

So throughout my travels over the years, there always seems to be some sort of bug/insect that either freaks me out or annoys the hell out of me. Calgary, there's the bees - don't get me started on the bees; Africa, well, there are tons, grasshoppers, roaches, scorpions, snakes, the list goes on; the Arctic there's the mosquitoes. They don't last year long, but the three weeks that they do come out they are HORRENDOUS. And now in Australia, its the ants. The cockroaches haven't bothered me that much - it helps that I live with three other men that can kill them for me :) and the spiders I hardly see - I've only had one encounter with one and it wasn't even in my room, but the ants.....the ants are driving me CRAZY!!!!!! You can hardly leave an empty cup out with ants coming along and finding it. How many times I have woken up in the morning to find hundreds of ants in cups or plates that where left out either in or by the sink is endless. I left a cup in my room once that once had spiced rum and coke in it (it was obviously empty!!) and there was trail of ants coming and going from it. It doesn't take long for them to disappear once you get rid of the food or dishes, but living with 4 other people, there is bound to be stuff left out. They are just tiny ants and they leave you alone, but they are EVERYWHERE!!!!
This morning was the worst, I came home to find millions of ants crawling from my window in my room, behind my bed along the wall, up and over a shirt that was up against the wall and into the hallway. I thought there was a cup left in the room, but nothing, I searched everywhere to see what they where after, but couldn't see anything. After getting ready for bed and was just about to enter my room when I noticed a bunch more coming in and out of my roommates room across the hallway. Ahh ha! Normally both Matty and Zoe are at work, and I knocked slightly and opened the door, but Matty was there. Oops, sorry, so I closed the door. I knew it was coming from their room and they don't bother you when they are on a mission, so I just went to bed. When I woke up in the afternoon I apologized for waking Matty up and I told him what I was doing, and he said that they had left some food on the floor that the ants where after. Why did they have to go through my room though!!! haha
One of the more funnier story involves my other housemate Cieran who came home slightly intoxicated one night and grabbed a piece of pizza and went to bed. Well, he passed out, I mean, fell asleep before eating all his pizza and woke up the next day to find hundreds of ants attacking the pizza!!!! LOL
So, that is my venting for the day - I guess things could be worse :)

Ants at the bus stop

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