Sunday, September 6, 2009

i heart housemates......

.....well, sort of!

It has been an interesting couple of weeks in 'my' house. Rob arrived just over a couple of weeks ago and it was just Cieran, Rob and myself. My friend Kym came home from Thailand shortly after that, which was still cool. Rob and I went to Kakadu and Litchfield last week ( I will have a blog up about that trip shortly) and the day we left, Coxy, Zoe and Matty came home from Thailand. Since Rob and I came back from our trip on Saturday, its been a bit awkward in the three bedroom, one bath, six housemates 'house'. You see, Zoe and Matty hooked up while they where in Thailand and all they have been doing is hanging out in Zoe's room watching movies and taking sleeping pills. Coxy has been acting strange and he pretty much stays in his room the entire day, making the odd appearance to get food, barely saying making eye contact let alone saying hi. Zoe and Matty have hardly talked to me as well - which I believe is because Matty is upset that I left is car almost on empty and 'dirty'. I heard this from Cieran today and to my advantage, Matty left me with his car on empty and I was so busy before he came home that I didn't have a chance to have his car spotless for him - and i didn't leave it that dirty, I think he is just a bit of a freak about it. I feel bad it but he also hasn't approached me about it, I have just heard this from Cieran.
It kind of upsets me as well as it doesn't seem like they have been all that 'friendly' with Rob, not that I think it bothers him, but this is so not what they where like before they left for Thailand. We where always out on the patio having a few beers, chattin, having a good time. Since they've been back they have hardly done a bloody thing outside of the bedroom!!! Cieran is still himself, thank goodness, and he and Rob have gotten along great, but i don't know what the hell is going on with the others.
It has also been interesting with everyone home and me working a few night shifts. I got home this morning to not have a place to sleep. So I tried to cozy up in a bean bag chair, that didn't last long. Once Rob got up I tried sleeping on the couch which was worse then the bean bag (why, I don't know? I just wasn't tired for whatever reason) I gave up trying trying to sleep at around 1030 and just hung out in the hammock with Rob and Cieran (they weren't in it with me!), and went down to the pool, trying to tire myself out - not much luck. I ended up not getting to sleep till about 3:45 when Cieran offered me his bed and I was able to sleep till about 6:45. When I got up everyone except Coxy was outside (a first since we have all been home), I went out briefly until Matty reminded me of his windscreen I cracked and he asked if I could go with him to replace it.......awesome, now I get to spend a shit load of my money that I have been trying to save!!! Why do I have to be such a nice person sometimes??? I ended up going back into Cieran's room until I had to go to work - wasn't really feeling all that social.
Oh well, makes me glad that I only have a week left before I head to the east coast - everything happens for a reason, right???

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