Saturday, September 12, 2009

Naked parties anyone??

So, at first I wasn't going to add anything about my naked parties, however, over the last week it has proceeded to a hilarious new level and I just have to write about it. And no, there will be no pictures added to this post :) And it might also not seem that funny, I think it is one of those 'you had to be there', but well, its my blog and I'm still going to write about it :)

It started off when Rob and I were in Kakadu, I came back from the toilet to find Rob sitting naked by the campfire. I laughed saying what are you doing?!?!?!! He said, well, what does it look like?! You could join me you know?! At first I was hesitant, then thought, what the hell, I only live once, why not. We were parked in the back of the campsite, and no one could see us, so, naked I got and we sat around the campfire talking. I said to Rob at the start, what happens if someone walks by?? He said, just act natural - but what are the chances that someone will walk by, right? it was getting pretty late and it seemed as though everyone was in bed. Well, about 30 minutes later a girl, who we had spoken to earlier in the day, walked into our campsite saying, "hey guys, just wondering if by chance you have a cigarette, we are out of smokes AND alcohol".....and as she is talking and walking towards us, I just sat there saying yeah, sure, I looked at Rob to see if it was ok that I gave him a couple of his cigarettes, he nodded. We where briefly talking about the day, and about the fact that they are out of smokes and alcohol, then she stops, looks and me and Rob and said, are you guys naked?? Both of us laughed and said, yup! She said she was more embarrassed then anything else, and grabbed the smokes, walking away, yet talking to us at the same time. We jokingly told her that she and her BF could come join us, and she replied that she would ask him, and that they might be back! Oh dear! And sure enough, a few minutes later we see them walking over with their chairs in hand. As they rolled up we said, now this is a naked party, so clothes off ;) They willingly took their clothes off and sat around the campfire chatting and drinking beer. Rob and the other fellow went off to get more firewood, and yes, they went naked under the full moon - and yes, it actually was a full moon that night. Our new friends stayed around for about an hour and a half, then they took off. Rob and I laughed at the events that unfolded and it made for VERY, interesting day - and a funny story!
The next night at a different campsite, we found a spot away from everyone else, and decided why not, lets have another naked party. So we did, but this time we had no visitors!

And just when I thought the naked parties where finished, yesterday morning it hit a whole new level. Rob and I were woken up by my housemate Matty at like 0600 as he couldn't sleep and he wanted to do something. Skinny dipping? Sure why not start a Saturday skinny dipping. So I dragged my hungover ass out of bed and Zoe and I were the first to head down to the pool. No need to put on a bathing suit, my dress came off and Zoe and I jumped in the pool. Cieran, Matty and Rob where shortly behind us and we all made fools of ourselves skinny dipping in the community pool. We had a couple stares, a couple smiles, and couple people that just sped up as the went by! We didn't care, obviously! After a good while in the pool, we headed back to the house and continued our drinking, and hell, why not doing it naked. Before we knew it, all of us were naked on the patio, drinking our beer. We had a couple young guys show up at the house to fix Matty's windscreen (from when I took his car down to Katherine) and they couldn't believe that we were NAKED!! LOL They looked no older then 16 and I'm sure they were so embarrassed, but we didn't care, we carried on doing our business, just naked! Shortly after the windscreen boys left our other friends stopped by for a visit. What a time to stop by! It was Nialls birthday and they stopped over for a few pre-drinks as there was a bbq at their place later. The naked party ended shortly after they left, although if it wasn't for 'indecent exposure' we would have all headed over buck ass naked!! Once we arrived the nakedness just didn't seem to have the same effect, so we left our clothes on, even when we where in their new 'kiddies' pool that they bought earlier. Kinda funny that we spend all day naked, but kept our clothes on while in the pool. And lets just say the pool didn't last the whole day....before the sun went down their lawn was flooded! heehee

And now that you all know intimate details about me...till next time :)


larissa said...

Amanda, this is your sister.
On behalf of the family I would like to ask you to keep your clothes on, or at least... what happens in Oz land PLEASE keep it in Oz land and not on the blog..... Thank you for your consideration and if you have any hot roomates I expect to see pictures at a later date! Tata.

Amanda said...

larissa (are you tying to be conspiguous?! that even the right word?!!) Anyways, its called freedom of speech!! And it could have been worse, I could have posted pictures! As for hot roommates, sorry girl, nothing :(