Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bali trip #2

Ok, I've been sitting in a hostel now for a week, not doing much, so I guess I can update my blog - and can still consider myself being lazy :)
When I booked this trip to Bali I knew it was going to be completely different then my first trip. There was going to be about 10 of us going and they where all partiers, unlike my last trip where they guy I went with - very nice and had a great time traveling with him, but not so much of a drinker!!!
Most everyone had arrived in Kuta, Bali on a Sunday night, whereas 2 of my friends and I arrived Wednesday evening. We had a couple drinks at the house before leaving as well as a couple more at the airport - so needless to say, we where feeling pretty good when we boarded!!! We arrived at the hotel at around 1000pm and they where all drinking!! Awesome! We had bought a couple bottles of jager duty free, and the drinking continued. Most everyone went out that night, but I wasn't feeling it, so I went to bed. In fact, the first few nights I wasn't feeling all that up to going out (jet leg? too much sun? who knows?) but once we got to the Gili Islands.......

Yes, so three days after we got to Kuta, we all (9 of us) went to the Gili Islands - this time, via the fast boat. Last time I took the slow boat which of course was much cheaper, but my goodness was it worth paying the extra $20 to take the fast boat. We left the hotel at 6:30am and was on the island by 10:30am!!! Time to get our drink on!!! 2 of the guys went and found us a room, this time a bit further from the beach, but nothing I couldn't handle!! haha We where on the Gili islands for 4 or 5 days - I honestly can't remember - and some of things we did - apart from drink - including going snorkeling where we saw hundreds of fish. I don't think I have been anywhere where I have seen THAT many fish. We got rained on during our last snorkeling spot, so that got cut short, oh well, it was still amazing.
We also took a boat, a private boat might I add (the bonuses of traveling with a large group) to Lombok where we hired a van and went to the small town of Senggigi. Here we had some amazing food and a couple beers at a few different pubs. I also purchased my 'Gucci' watch for a whole $10, as well as got some pearl rings and a pearl bracelet for not much more. One of the days was spent watching movies all day - lets just say I wasn't feeling all that well. It had nothing to do with all the alcohol and sun, no no, nothing at all!! DVD's are super duper cheap, about a dollar for one. One of the guys we where with went mad and bought tons, and I mean tons. I bet he has over 100, maybe even close to 200!!! I bought some myself as well. If you bought them in the shops you would get so many free, so I purchase 30 and got 13 free!!

Once we arrived back in Kuta, it was a whole lotta vegging around, getting massages and buying cheap things. Massages where about $5 for an hour, I got some more dresses (heehee) for about $30 all together, plus knick-knack's and Christmas gifts. It was also so hot there, hotter then Darwin I'd saw just without the humidity. I remember one afternoon I walked around Kuta for a bit, then headed down to the beach for a swim and some sun tanning. When I was about to put my shirt back on, it was soaking wet - so I just walked back to the hotel with my towel on!!! I also continued my partying when we got back to Kuta, going out 2 or 3 nights and having a blast. One bar we went to had a live band and Matty and I where up dancing away and singing our hearts out. Next thing I know one of the singers (there was 2) handed me the mike and I went up and sang with the other singer!!!! I probably did horrible, but I didn't care, I had a blast!! Next thing I know, they pulled Matty up and he went and sang a song!! haha There where about three different bars all next to each other and we would go to all three - mainly because they offered different specials. One of the bars had specials like 5 cent draft beef, or on Sunday's girls drink for free - although the drinks where pretty shit - things like that. And of course most of the bars stayed open till 3 or 4!!!
Oh yeah, and did I mention how funny these guys where?? Oh my gosh, I don't think I've laughed so hard, for so long. There was always something funny being said or being done. My cheeks still hurt from laughing so hard!!! There was also this Argentinian guy there who was hilarious. He would tell a joke, and half the time I wouldn't understand what he was saying or wouldn't get the punch line, but we would be laughing at him telling the joke with his accent. The guy had so much energy and would just go go go. I don't think he could slow down to even sleep!!!!
We did take one day in Kuta and 6 of us went white water rafting. I have been before along the Kicking horse river with work friends - and our boat flipped over at the start of class 4 rapids, and I went down the rest with just my lifejacket on. Well this time, wouldn't ya know it, our boat flipped over. Luckily it wasn't through any class 4 rapids, and the river was pretty shallow so we all just got dumped in one spot. Two of the other people we where with each lost a sandal, and I lost a paddle, but we got it back not much further down the river. We did get to go down a 4 meter drop which was also pretty cool! Oh what good times it was!!! After being on the water for nearly 2 1/2 hours (with one break) we had to climb this incredible steep hill (I had to stop twice!) for a buffet lunch. The food was pretty good considering we only paid $25 for the whole thing, including transport there and back.
All in all the trip was pretty freakin' awesome. Actually to sum it up I'd say it was one of the funnest and funniest trips I've taken with friends, and that says a lot as I've had some fantastic trips with friends from up north. Love ya guys!!!!

Snorkeling on the Gili Islands, on our own private boat
Party time at the pool in Kuta
Having lunch on the Gili Islands
Breathtaking views from Lombok
More party time at the bars in Kuta
The white water rafting crew

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