Wednesday, November 11, 2009

what a trip!!

After 5 weeks of endless time in airports and more time on airplanes, I am finally back in Darwin, my current 'home'!
After my fantastic Cuba trip, I headed back to Brisbane for a short 6 day stay, then flew to Bali for a 2 week unbelievably funny, fun and fabulous holiday!!! So, as can see I have been a bit busy to update my blog, but now that I am home, I will start updating you all on my adventures.
First off, Brisbane.
I had 6 days in Brisbane and I tried to keep myself a busy as possible!! I met up with a couple Irish friends who I met on tour from Perth to Broome. They showed me around the heart of Brisbane, touring around the city, catching some rays at the city lagoon, catching a ride on the city ferry's. So cool to be able to pay the same price for a bus/train ticket and go on the ferries!!! It was great to catch up with great people and hopefully they will come visit me in Darwin :)
I hit some of the beaches up the Sunshine coast as well. My friend, Shannon, and I took the 1 1/2 drive up to Kings beach and Bullocks beach. There was some kind of festival happening and it was PACKED. Now, I can head to a beach, lay out my towel and read a book or play Sudoku for hours - of course heading into the water every now and then to cool off! Shannon on the other hand, not quite so much!! He went into the water and as soon as he came out, he was bored and ready to move on!! So needless to say, we didn't stay at the beach all that long. We went for lunch - had to have fish and chips :) and then went back to the beach for another dip in the water. We decided that we could go check out another beach, so we went north to Dicky's beach where there was an old ship wreak. There where some pretty big waves happenin' so I opted to not go in the water. We stayed here for a bit, I checked out all the hot life guards :) and then we headed back home. I can't wait to go back and check out more of the beaches!!
I also went to Dream World on the Gold coast, south of Brisbane. It was a bit of a hassle trying to get in, but in the end, we got in just as the park opened and we where there ALL day!! Dream world has tons of rides, including 6 thrill rides, 5 of which we went on (the big roller coaster was down for maintenance, a big bummer). Plus the park also had a kind of a mini zoo. We saw lots of aussie animals, koala's, roo's, emos, plus reptiles, tigers and cougars. Of course the rides where my favorite!! There was the Wipeout, The claw - speeds up to 75km's per hour, the Drop - world's highest drop of 39 stories!!! What a thrill that was. A motorcycle roller coaster which was different, but not worth the 40 minute wait for a 25 second ride. And my favorite, which I went on 3 times, the Tower of Terror - 0-160mk's in 2 seconds!! Of course we also went on the log ride - and I got soaked to the bone!!!
The rest of my time was spent checking out the community of Woody Point which was where Shannon stayed and as well as a bit of shopping :)

Mr friends, Denise, Ciara and me at the Lagoon
The citycats with Brisbane in the background
On the city ferries
Bullocks beach, Sunshine Coast
Ship wreck at Dicky's Beach
Dream world - the claw is the red ride to the bottom left, and the tower to the right with the Drop, and the Tower of Terror

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