Sunday, April 12, 2009

I don't speed....honestly!

I just recently found out that Tasmania does indeed have photo radar!

Recall back in the middle of March when I rented a car and drove out to George Town and Beauty Point?  It was the first time I rented a car here and drove on the wrong side of the road....  And remember how I said I was so careful when driving,  well I guess not carefull enough as I was caught under photo radar speeding :)  I thought I had been SO cautious with my speed, not cause I didn't want to get a ticket, but more or less trying to be careful of where I was going, enjoy the sights as I drove, and make sure I didn't miss a turn off!  Obviously I missed a small section of the highway as it drops from 100 to 80 and they tagged me going 99 in an 80!  I'm pretty damn sure that it was still 100!!
The funny thing is it happened just before 10:00 am - and I drove away from the rental shop at 9:30am!  I hadn't even been driving for an hour! LOL.  I'm not sure exactly where it was when I got caught, but I can guarantee that I did not see the sign, and that I was going the pace of the rest of the traffic.  
I was a little shocked when my dad told me I got the ticket and almost didn't believe him.  Then I realized that the car rental had my Calgary DL info and so the ticket was mailed home.  The fine was for $110 - nothing too bad, but 3 demerits.... I don't know how that works because the city of Calgary doesn't know I got a ticket?  Anyways, the ticket is paid, and the next time I rent a car, I will be EXTRA cautious of suspicious cars on the side of the road.....oh yeah, and the speed limit!! 

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Cousin Kari :) said...

I think I bruised my ribs laughing so hard. You don't speed, HA HA, and you even said HONESTLY, double HA HA. Oh, I already said that. Well, HA.

Glad to see that you don't shy away from experiencing EVERYTHING Australia has.

Hey, if you are ever in Perth, look up a friend of mine. Your mom might remember him from my wedding-that-should-not-have-ever-happened-but-did-and-I-burned-the-pictures-to-not-prove-it (whatever). Jerry Baranski. Mention your mom's name and her laugh, he'll remember.

I would say to have fun, but you already did, are, will . . . . whatever. Love ya :)