Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Melbourne - take 2

Yup, I decided to go back to Melbourne as the first time was not enough. I drank too much last time and didn't do any of the 'tourist' stuff! I met up with a friend from Brisbane, who had not been to Melbourne at all.....funny, an aussie that has never been and I had! We spend a total of 5 days in Melbourne, and had a few events planned as it was the international comedy festival - who doesn't like to laugh??!!
Thursday night we had two shows booked and ended up seeing three! The first one, Dave Hughes, an Australian, was a great start, funny man that harrassed the late- comers and asked a 17 year old in front of his mother if he shaved.....I guess you had to be there! Funny how they always seem to be funnier when you've been drinking! Our next show was a total of 7 comedians, all British - the show was called the Best of British - not original at all :) It was entertaining....some where good, others not so good, however it was a small venue - maybe 50 people, and what can I say, I was drunk so I laughed at almost everything! We then stayed for another show called Ferris Buellers day off....this comedian MC'd the Best of British, and in his show he showed clips of the movie and related it to real life, in a very humorous way. Plus we got a pin at the end of the show that said "What would Ferris do?"...it is currently on my purse :)

Both of us had an early flight that day so after the third show we where exhausted and headed back to the hotel, which by the way had a men's club on one side and a liquor store on the other :) Not in the best end of town, but hey, it was cheap....

The next day was spent with his cousin who he hadn't seen in years. Lunch, chat, and a a brief tour of south Melbourne - we got to drive on some of the formula 1 track....very cool! That evening we had tickets for Cheech and Chong.....awesome. Thats all I have to say....awesome! They did a skit from their movie, Up in Smoke, a great start to the show. And the rest of the show was their own skits as well as Chong doing some stand-up - mostly talking about his time in jail. How cool was it to see them live. And when we left, they had the drug bus outside the parking lot......ummmm, I wonder why??? Oh yeah, and I got a pin that said "Dave's not here man".....it is also on my purse!! haha

Saturday was, well, a drunk day. I met up with a friend (Leah) from home that was in town. We had planned to meet for lunch, and that turned into walking around downtown Melbourne looking for a pub (which surprisingly was difficult), ended up in a bowling alley, had a few drinks, bowled a couple games, Leah had to get up for a tour the next day, so Shannon and I went to another pub and continued drinking....ahh what fun we had!

Sunday was footy day - Melbourne Demons vs Richmond Tigers - both teams who have yet to win a game :) It actually turned out to be a pretty good game and the team I cheered for (Melbourne) won :) The stadium was HUGE, a turn out of 70,000 and the stadium wasn't even full! We also had great seats which was even more awesome!! (A great view of their ass, I mean....) After the game we went to the top of Eureka Skydeck - 88 floors up, full 360 degree observation deck of Melbourne and is the highest view point in the southern hemisphere. It also has a glass bottom lookout out, called the Edge, where you get in an opaque box, it slids you out above the city, once fully out, the glass suddenly goes clear! This was a 45 minute wait, and another $20 - for like a minute on the glass....no thanks. But very cool none-the-less!

Monday was a very 'fishy' orientated day! We started off at the aquarium where we got to see the cute little penguins(not fish, but they where my favorite!!) We also got to see them being fed, kinda sad, but cool at the same time. They came right up to the glass so you can get right up close and personal with them, without being able to touch them of course. The aquarium was pretty cool and we saw some very neat creatures - seahorses, sting rays, jelly fish and of course sharks. The largest aquarium which hosts the sharks as well as 35 other species of fish holds 2.2 million liters of water!!! CRAZY!! After over two hours at the aquarium (we liked the penguins, ok!!) we headed up to a jail (or gaol as they spell it here) that housed some of the famous prisoners in Melbourne, for a very real tour of the holding cells. We where given cards of fake names/charges ect. and had an officer that took us through as if we where being held. Wasn't quite expecting it and the officer was very real, maybe too real!!! All in all though, very interesting. (K, i guess the jail wasn't very 'fish' orientated, but it was on the way to the Imax...) Next we went to the Imax to see what was playing....and wouldn't you know, Under the Sea narrated by Jim Carrey was playing! I wanted to see Monsters vs. Aliens, but we didn't have enough time as we had a flight to catch. Under the Sea was in 3D , which was very cool - apart from the snakes swimming under water that looked like they where about to bite your head off!

After the Imax theater, we ended up at a pub for a game of pool and a last drink before heading to the airport to head home! My flight was an hour delayed and I didn't get home till after 11pm.....but I had a great time in Melbourne and was glad I went back to do all the things I missed!

I only have 8 more work shifts left and am started to plan my next adventure....to Western Australia!! Can't WAIT!!

Me and the cute penguines!!

Trying to be cool with my 3D shades on :)

Leah and I with our balls!

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