Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a day!!

The first day I arrived on the ward, I met John, one of the nurses, who is into bush-walking and cycling. We had decided that we would pick a day and he would take me out for a day hike, to one of the lesser known hikes around Tassie. Both of us work full time, and it was kinda difficult to get a day off together where we didn't have anything planned, but alas, yesterday, was a success! He picked me up at 8:30 and we drove about an hour out of Launceston, to a place called Quamby, and we hiked up Quamby bluff. (I have discovered that bluff basically means hill!) It was estimated to be a 5hr return hike, but said he had done it in 2 and a half. Great. Or so I thought!!! It was a pretty steep hike the whole way up, involving some climbing up and over rocks and big boulders!! John is very fit and before leaving he told me that has been referred to as a mountain goat...and that he is!! haha! The trail we where on was not a very popular one and thank goodness for markers on the trees as I'm sure we would have gotten lost! Even with markers on the trail we had to turn back a few times cause we had gotten off the trail! We got to the summit and it was definatly worth the hard work up, cause the view was amazing.  The weather couldn't have been any better as well.  It had been slightly cool the last couple of days, but luck was on our side yesterday as there was no wind and not a cloud in the sky!  Even at the summit, at 1,228M  it was beautiful and warm!  We had lunch at the top and then proceeded to make our way down - which was harder then going up!!! My quads are feeling the pain today and I can't imagine what tomorrow is going to be like!! In total we took just over three hours to do the hike - mostly cause I was a bit slow going up :) I'm sure John could have done it in two!  
After the hike, I came home, had a nice mini nap (how I love my naps!!!) and got ready to go out for a few beers in Launceston with some friends from work. Well, a few beers turned into a night out on the town and we had a BLAST!!! I got good and drunk, and only had a small hangover this morning -nothing a little motrin and water didn't cure. We went to a total of three bars and ended up running into another girl we work with at the last one. GT's.....GT's!!
Now I have 7 shifts in a row...but then I'm off to Melbourne for 5 days!! Woot woot!!

Quamby Bluff

One section of the 'trail'!

Almost at the top!

The summit!  

An Australian inukshuk!!

The gang from work, Lindsey, Jess, myself and Darren

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