Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bruny Island

So I woke up bright and early in the hopes of stopping just off the highway to get a picture of the sunrise over Hobart, however the weather was not very cooperative that day, and so the sunrise was nothing exciting. SO, I continued on to the town of Kettering where I boarded the ferry at 0745 to go to Bruny Island. The cost was only $25 dollars for the car and passengers were free!! Sweet ass if you ask me!

Once I got the island I headed straight for the penguin rookery and lookout, however it was not penguin season and the weather was so uncooperative, I snapped a few photos at the lookout and off I was to my car. I continued on Adventure Bay where I saw, well, not much really! There was the Captain Cook monument hidden behind some trees, and the most entertaining this was that I had a duck chase me into my car!! I had stepped out to read about doing a walk, and all of a sudden I heard this duck, and he slowly started waddling up to me, and he didn't stop!! I tried 'shooing' him away, but no such luck and he literally chased me into my car!! I'm sure I looked pretty funny from a distance being chased by a duck, and honestly, all I could do was laugh at myself when I got into my car!! haha

After Adventure bay, I headed across the island to Cloudy Bay, and of course took the scenic route which involved twists and turns up a mountain and back down on narrow gravel roads......will it ever end!!! And wouldn't you know, when I got to Cloudy Bay, it was cloudy, actually very cloudy and windy and freakin cold!! I stopped for a pee break and took a couple photos and off I was again. Sadly the weather was so not pleasant for the entire morning and I didn't really do much other then drive around the island, and well, get chased by ducks! But none-the-less, I'm glad I went as it is a very beautiful island and enjoyed driving around it. I headed back to the main island, and headed north to Russell Falls. I had planned on going here the day before after Hastings caves but didn't have time, so figured it was now or never as I flew out the next day. It took me close to two hours to get there and it was short walk to the falls, but it was so worth the drive!! The falls where spectacular, I couldn't stop taking photos!! Once my hands where nearly frozen from taking photos, I decided it was time to head back. I convinced myself to take a 30 minute walk among the 'tall trees', thinking if I walked quick enough I could do it in 20 minutes. I don't know who timed the 30 minutes, but I did it in 10 minutes, and that's with reading the signs and information booths among the trees! Once I finished walking in awe of the amazing forest with incredibly tall trees I got back to my car and headed back into Hobart, just in time to hit rush hour. Lovely!

Photos to be posted later!!

So that pretty much involved my 5 day tour of southern Tasmania and feel like I could have seen more if I had more time. In total I put 1457km's on the car in 5 days and enjoyed every kilometer of it! Now it was to fly to Adelaide for a couple of days and then head to Perth via the Indian-Pacific Train.

Bruny Island

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