Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wineglass bay and more

YIPEE!!! I'm back on holidays and I can't be more excited about it.  As much as I'm going to miss the friends I made in Launceston, I'm glad to be back traveling again! 
It started last night when I went for dinner with a bunch of girls from work.  We went to an Indian restaraunt and it's the first time I've been to an Indian restaurant, as I'm always so worried about my allergies.  As it turned out the staff where very accomodating and there was only one dish that we ordered that I couldn't eat.  It was awesome food, and I can't wait to go back to an Indian restaurant!  We then proceeded to head out to a bar called the Star Bar where we had 2 for 1 cocktails......deadly!! haha.  I had 2, well, 4 I guess, and cut myself off as I knew I wanted to get up early and hit the road, preferably, not hungover!!  I got home by midnight, however the 7 am wake up call was not the nicest!  But nothing a little powerade couldn't cure.  
I picked up my rental car at 9am, a Nissan ST, and to my surprise, it was manual :)
Ha, I have nothing else to concentrate on, but now a manual!!  So far so good though, well, sort of, reverse was a bit of an issue. I got to my place and could NOT figure out how to put the damn thing in reverse.  According to the stick shift, R was up and to the far right.  I tried my hardest to get it in that position, thinking it was difficult to engage.  After 5 minutes, I got out the manual thinking this is RETARDED, its not like I've never driven manual before?!!   The manual said if having difficulties, to put it in N, take your foot off the clutch, then put the clutch back in, and try again.  Well, that didn't work either.  And each time I tried, I kept going forward (as I was in 1st), and I was slowly approaching a driveway that had a steep decline!!  I then saw this lovely couple walking their dogs, and I embarrasily asked the if they maybe knew?? Sure enough, he got in the car, and there is a release button just below the stick handle, that you pull up on when putting it into 1st, which actually puts it into R.  He said he had the same problem with a car he borrowed and it took him 10 minutes to figure out!!  How annoying!!! haha
So now that I had R figured out, it was time to hit the road! I drove straight to wineglass bay, known as one of the top ten beaches in the world.  Actually, I stopped breifly in Bicheno because they had some amazing picture opportunities that I couldn't resist snapping a few photos.  I took the more scenic route to Coles bay, located just prior to the car park to Wineglass, to as I'd rather drive on the side roads enjoying the countryside then driving on the highway!  I arrived at wineglass at about 1pm and set out for the hour and a bit walk to the beach.  There is no way to drive there which makes it that more awesome!  The day was perfect, sunny with no wind or clouds....couldn't have asked for anything more on an autumn day in Tassie!  The beach was more beautiful then in the pictures, and I spent about 15 minutes just sitting on the beach enjoying the sound of the surf and the scenery!  And trust me, I would have stayed longer, but I had a schedule that I was trying to follow.  I was going to head back to my car via Hazards beach, which would have taken me the long way back along another beach, however I knew I still had quite a drive to hobart, and it was already 1430.  I opted to just go back the way I came and booted back up the hill to the carpark and made it in less the 45 minutes!!  On the way to Hobart I stopped at Spikey bridge and was in Swansea for the sunset, which meant I drove into Hobart.... in the dark.... with no passenger to navigate me to the hostel!!!  Lovely!  I had to turn around a few times in Hobart, but all in all, made it safely and in pretty good time!  I am staying at the YHA (youth hostel accomadation) till Friday when I fly out, and so far I have a 4 bed dorm to myself!  I don't think there are more then 3 or 4 other people staying in the whole hostel!

The beautiful Wineglass Bay

Me on the beach at Wineglass!

Can you guess?  Spikey Bridge!

The sunset in Swansea

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