Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 3 - Mount Wellington

Day three was a bit more of a laid back day, meaning I slept in till 8am, and only drove a couple hundred km's!! It was a fairly nice day, minimal cloud, so it was perfect to drive to the summit of Mount Wellington. Its about 22 km's from town, but the drive up is pretty narrow so it took a while to get there. At 1272M above sea level, it was pretty chilly out with many people all bundled up in scarves, gloves and toques (AKA, beanies as they say here). I saw one small section at the top, a couple feet, that had snow as normally in the winter the peak is covered in snow. I had my capri pants on and didn't get that cold, however I would not spend the whole day up there with them on! I lucked out with the weather as many days the peak is covered in cloud and I got some great shots of Hobart and surrounding areas.
I then decided to drive to the nearby district of Kingston and check out some of the beaches. It was a very windy day though, so I opted to just walk the shore and head back to the car, too cold out to just sit outside. I then headed back into town and drove through Battery Point where I saw some really neat older houses, again with nearly no one else around. Battery Point also has a small section called Arthur's circus, which is basically a small green field with a swing set and houses built in a circle around it. Kinda cool, but mostly pretty as the trees are changing color and you can see Mount Wellington from the east side. I didn't really have much else planned so as I drove by the Australian Antarctic Division, I stopped in for a look around. They had a small section set up for visitors with information about Antarctica, its expeditions, and some of the gear - old and new - that is used in Antarctica. All too familiar for me!  I just like the life-size empire penguins set up!
I then drove into Hobart and found a place to park (always fun in any downtown!) and walked around the pier, and downtown for a bit as I hadn't actually been to downtown Hobart! I walked by a few places that where selling fish and chips and couldn't resist the smell, so I bought some (flathead, yumm, and beer battered, yumm yumm!) and came back to the hostel to inhale my yummy food! I went to bed pretty early as I had a busy day the next which involved a lot of km's again! 

Top of Mount Wellington

Me with one of the penguins at the Antarctica display

Arthur's Circus

Battery Point

Pier in Hobart

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