Friday, May 15, 2009

Epic Adelaide weekend

So I arrived to Adelaide and made it to my hostel lugging ALL my 'crap', thank goodness it was only a short walk! I ended up meeting up with my friend Blake for dinner who I met on the great ocean road tour. We had some very good seafood - i had Barramundi and some great tasting beer - Coopers!! Blake was then going to a Tribal party and even though I didn't have anything tribal, I still decided to go with him, as I only live there was to be other Canadians at the party. Gotta love it when we represent.
We stopped on the side of the road and picked some twigs to put in my hair to make me look somewhat tribal, and off we went. There was a wide variety of costumes, all very entertaining, and even a DJ with disco lights set up. And I am going to sadly admit something here, it was the first true 'house party' that I have ever been too. Don't get me wrong, I've been to house parties, but nothing like the party I was at, it was a typical house party with randoms stopping by and even the cops popping in to deliver a noise complaint.....So, I met these Canadians, there was 4 of them all together, some where studying, others where just hangin' out and traveling, but they all knew each other. One of the girls, invited me out on Saturday to a 'true' aussie day, a local footy game, then back to one of the 'blokes' houses for a bbq and a bonfire. GREAT, I say, I'd love to long as I'm back to catch the train on Sunday to Perth!!
So I woke up Saturday morning, a little hungover (well, quite hungover :) ) and checked out of the hostel a day early. 2 of the girls came and picked me up in "Gunta" the jeep, and took me to there place. I dropped off all my crap and 10 of us where off to watch the footy game..... after picking up 'Maccers' (McDonals) to cure our hangovers! The day was not the greatest, it was cold, cloudy, and misty out, but we where with fun people and despite the team losing horribly, overall a fun afternoon - with drinking of course! After the game, we stayed for a beer with the team, then headed to one of the players houses for some more fun and games. His house was actually built in the late 1800's and was a flour mill until bought by his folks and converted into a house. And honestly, it was the coolest most amazing beautiful house EVER!! We started up a massive bonfire in the backyard - it was about 4M high at first, then we let it burn down to a nice bonfire where we could actually stand around it and enjoy it without burning our eyebrows off - not that I have to worry about that :)
We had some amazing BBQ - 'nibblers' (chicken wings), sausages, lamb, chicken kabobs, salad and garlic bread - yumm yumm!! A bunch of the players showed up later as well and we had as many as about 16 people around the fire with the tunes on, good times! Later in the night the guitars and digeredoo's came out which I enjoyed even more! I was still pretty hungover from the night before, so didn't drink that much (plus I didn't want to be hungover for the train ride) so I crashed at around 0100 on a comfy couch wrapped in 'duna's' (duvet's). We all woke up the next morning at various times and eventually chowed down on left over bbq. The bonfire was still going so we hung out for a bit before decided that we would visit the oldest german settlement of Australia - Hahndorf. We had a german with us and he was very kind enough to give us a tour of his family history! He was very entertaining and I think many of them where still drunk from the night before. We broke out in song a dance when we saw a guy playing the accordian, as well as making a stop to the local souvenir store. The town was actually a happenen' place and it was also mother's day, so we where quite the spectacle on the streets of Hahndorf! At this point I was starting to freak out a bit as my train left at 1840, and I wanted to leave the house at about 1700, plus I still had to re-pack all my stuff as well as hit the grocery store so I didn't have to buy food on the train. It was pushing 1500 and we where still in Hahndorf and I had no idea how long it took to get back in the city. In the long run, it all worked out well - we got to the house at about 1615, and I also found out that the train station was really close to their house, so we didn't have to leave till about 1730. I made it to the train station at 1810, checked my baggage and on board I went......

The beautful house we had a party at

The whole Adelaide gang

At the house, morning after!

At the footy game, we were cold!! Also not dressed for it :)

Blake, me and Blakes friend at the Tribal Party - all face painted up!!

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