Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 5, Exmouth and Cape Range National Park

Today we hooked up with a couple people from one of the other Western Xposure tours as our bus lost its air conditioning a few days prior to and was in getting fixed. Most of the other group members where on other tours (include a whale shark tour, in which they saw whale sharks - bastards!!) so there was just enough room for us on their bus. We got to sleep in somewhat today, left at 7:30, and spend the day touring around the Cape Range National Park. We visited one of the lighthouses in the area that was put up in 1912 after a wreckage of a ship in 1907, there was also a old anti-aircraft gun emplacement set up from WWII. Next we went to the visitors center, I bought my magnet as I have been trying to get a magnet of all the places I visit! We then headed to Sandy Bay for a rest break and lunch. Rob and Rich where being typical boys and sprayed the girls with water guns as they where sleeping!! haha, good thing I was out on a walk! After lunch we headed to Turquoise Bay for some snorkeling. When we arrived there was another tour just leaving and we where warned about the jelly fish as a couple people got stung from their group. I was a little hesitant to go but went anyways. We had to be careful of the rip as well as there is one spot that you can get caught in and it is difficult to get back in. Another thing that I was worried about, but I figured as long as I was careful, I would be ok. Pete also told us that if we followed him out he would take us to where a 6 foot reef shark hides. Cool I thought! As we headed out to the reef, there was a bunch of jelly fish that we had to dodge, but it was only for about the first 30M, then we where pretty much clear, or so we thought. Next thing you know Rob started splashing around as he got stung, twice. He was the only to get stung though, poor guy! Pete went off to try and find the reef shark, but no such luck (why was I not surprised!!!), however we did see a turtle that we followed around for a bit. I love snorkeling and could have spend forever just swimming around looking at the coral and the fish. No one really stuck together and after awhile I realized that it looked like I was the only one left in the water so I headed back in - almost paranoid about getting stung by a jelly fish, not paying attention to the fish below me! Oh well, I didn't get stung so I was happy! There was a bunch of jelly fish washed up on shore, and Rich picked some of them up - I held one and they are surprisingly heavier that you would think!! We also buried Rich in the sand - poor guy had sand EVERYWHERE!! And of course we had to make things more entertaining, so we have him arms made of towels, we gave him flippers, and a snorkel - you can guess where we put it!! lol, and Rich couldn't do anything about it! Back to the hostel we went and I helped make the best supper of the tour!! It was chicken (mine was sweet chili as I couldn't eat the other stuff they had - can't remember what it was) grilled honey vegetables and the best most greatest fluffy rice EVER - and I was proud to have been the one to make it! (With the help of Pete though!) This was also the night we all got 'dressed up', just for the hell of it. It was kinda nice to see people in nice clothes and a bit of make-up......of course, after supper, half of us decided to go and play volleyball, in the sand!! haha A bunch of us stayed up drinking and it was another late night for me - but what fun we had!

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