Thursday, June 25, 2009

May 22nd - Day one of 21 day tour from Perth to Darwin

Well, it is now June 26th, and I have just been able to sit down (by the pool of course) and write about my amazing journey from Perth to Darwin. It was a combined tour from Perth to Broome, had a couple days in Broome to myself, then a separate tour from Broome to Darwin.
On May 22nd at 0700, after a long night of partying and only getting about an hour of sleep, I boarded our bus (AKA, coach, van, depending on where you're from) and we headed towards Nambung National Park to see the classic Pinnacles. Straight away i got to know my 'bus buddy' Rob, or Robbie by the end of the trip, and despite being extremely tired, I was able to keep up a conversation for most of the morning. To be honest, I can't remember how long it took to get there, but I do remember there being lots of driving the first few days. We stopped at our first roadhouse - one of many - and introduced ourselves, our guides name was Pete, and there was 18 of us 'travelers'. The weather wasn't that great, in fact the day before it poured rain in Perth, ending one of their longest draughts, something like 25 days. Once we hit the national park, the weather wasn't looking too promising, it rained will we where in the visitor's center, and after briefing looking at the pinnacles and taking some dirty pictures (you'll see why), we decided to end our walk early as it was looking like we where about to get dumped on. Good thing we did as once we all got back to the van, it pissed down rain. Now, for some background on the Pinnacles as I'm sure most of you don't know what they are - I had never heard of them prior to Australia. They are limestone formations, seashells blown inland forming high dunes. However, this is controversy on how specifically these pinnacles where formed and there are three different theories, you can wikipedia it to find out more details!!
We where supposed to stop for lunch, however due to the weather - wind and the possibility of rain, we decided to hold off lunch and head to our next destination, Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park. It was a further 2 hour drive, but it made the most sense. In the itinerary we where supposed to go sand boarding, but due to all the wet weather, this was cancelled. Instead we went to the wildlife park, had a great lunch and then proceeded to feed the animals, roo's, camels, emo's, horses, goats and sheep. We obviously stayed away from the dingo's and croc's!! Didn't want to lose a finger, or an arm for that matter! I also got to hold a joey, who was very very cute, until he decided to shit, (pardon my language) but luckily he was in a pouch and none got on me :)
Our group then headed to our first destination, Horrocks, 496km's north of I said, lots of driving, and that doesn't include the 100km detour to the Pinnacles.....just a small detour!
We also made a stop to pick up beer.....mmmmm, beeeeer, and enjoyed a couple with supper. (which was stir fry chicken, which Pete forgot to take out some for me before adding the sauce which had sesame, so I had noodles and veggies, which was surprisingly good). I was off to bed early as only getting one hour of sleep the night before, was feeling a little exhausted, plus we had another early and long day planned ahead!

See what I mean?? They were ALL shaped like this!! LOL

The cute Joey - pre poo

Feeding the roo's (thinking: yummm, you would taste good tonight!! jk)

After this, I could tell that I was going to be with a great group of people!!

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