Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Perth and Freo (fremantle)

Alright, got sometime to spare while lazing around in Bali, so i thought I'd update you all on my travels while in Western Australia.
I arrived early in Perth, so Marina (a girl I met on the train) and we checked in early and toured around the CBD (central business district, aka, downtown) of Perth, saw the bay- which was not all that interesting and the some bells that had been in London for years, but they didn't like the sound of them so Perth bought them. The CBD is just like any other CBD if you ask me. The nice thing was that out hostel had a pool! Thank goodness because we where located right beside the train tracks - something had to make the hostel appealing!! About 5 of the people I met on the train where all staying at the YHA, so we had a nice evening in, playing cards and drinking beers. The next day we checked out and took the train to Fremantle. We actually just took a few things with us and left our big bags in the luggage room at the hostel - we didn't have to pay a thing. Fremantle is a small town south of Perth, right on the water. We once again, checked in and walked around Freo. Marina had the opportunity to fire canon at the round house which was used 80 years ago to aid the ships navigating the seas. I was fortunate enough to fire the canon the next day, how cool was that!! We chilled on the beach all afternoon, met up with Warwick, who we met on the train as well, and ended the night at a really cool brewery right on the water. The brewery is called Little Creatures, they have great beer, and the bar is set up within the brewery! The next day was pretty much the same, but my friends Brid and Gethin who I met in Melbourne and happened to be working in Perth at the time, came down for a beer! Small small world. I found out this night that they where renting a camper van and driving up to Darwin, leaving the same day that I was leaving on my tour! (I tried desperately to sell my seat on the tour and go with them, but no such luck. All in all, I think it turned out well as they missed a lot of things that I did on the tour!)
So on Friday Marina and I headed back to Perth for the night and on Saturday we picked up a rental car, along with Marina's friend Naomi and we toured all of south western, western Australia!! That will be next!!

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