Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The SW of WA!!

Yes, I decided to travel the southwest coast of beautiful Western Australia. After picking up Marina's friend Naoimi, we headed down the southern coast from Perth and made our way to Dunsborough. The scenery was quite busy with traffic and towns spread out, but you all know I love driving, so I didn't mind it all. Marina actually drove the first day, and was kind of glad she did as I don't like driving in cities that I don't know all that well, and to be honest, Marina can be very intimidating and I sometimes got nervous doing new/different things around her. Not that it stopped me as I did drive, but I was more then willing to let her drive the first day!! Now, Dunsburough is a small town on a small strip of land 254km south of Perth, with a small population of 3300. As most of you know I prefer the smaller towns, and luckily, so did Marina and Naoimi. We arrived just in time to watch the sunset and enjoy a refreshing beer, or wine for the other two girls!! Marina is an amazing cook and she did up BBQ chicken, sausage and my fav, kangaroo!! The next couple of days included a lot of driving and stopping at small towns and beaches as well as a tree top walk in the "Valley of the Giants" - which I am proud to say that Marina who is scared of heights, walked the whole way!! We also visited some of the largest trees in western australia - nothing compared to what's in canada, but still surprisingly impressive! We also stopped and checked out the elephant rocks which, as you can guess, where very large, and actually looked like elephants!! Nearby was an amazing pool of water where no waves come crashing in due to all the rocks breaking the waves, unfortunately, we had to head back to Perth and so couldn't stay and enjoy it.
We also hit a couple wineries, ok, maybe a few wineries!! Marina was kind enough to say that she would drive and only have a taste of a couple wines at each place. We also found a nice rosea wine that we all liked, so got it and had it with supper that night. By the end of the day (about 5 or 6 hours), and after about 6 or 7 wineries, lets just say that Naoimi and I where feeling pretty good! If you ever get a chance to try wines from the Margarite river area, I highly suggest you do and they where all quite pleasant, with only a few that I didn't care for. (That is also the alcoholic coming out in me! lol)
We had to have the car back to the rental place by 5:30, so our last day was pretty much driving, but all in all, I had a great time touring the SW of WA and was glad to have done it in such great company!!!

Sunset at one of the beach's - the name has slipped my mind

Valley of the Giants
Do you see the elephants?

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