Saturday, March 28, 2009

Liffey Falls

So I have met this lady, a friend of one of my roommates, who works in the operating room at the hospital, and she loves to walk! We both work full time and were finally able to get some time off together to go for a hike, or bush walk as they call it here. Her name Trish, and she is from New Zealand, working in Tassie making some extra cash. Don't worry, she's been over to out place visiting with Sadie (my roommate) and so far she had checked out good.....nothing too crazy that I can spot!!! LOL

We both had to work in the afternoon, we headed out bright and early, at 0800, to a place called Liffey falls. She had the car rented prior to, as well she drove, which turned out to be about an hour away. It was a short walk, only about 40 minutes return, to the falls, which where beautiful!!! It is the start of Australia's fall time and so not much rain has fallen over the last few months, so the waterfalls are not at there best, but still beautiful. I love waterfalls and could spend all day sitting and relaxing by the water. The sound the falls make, the peace and quietness at the falls, the beautiful scenery.....all breathtaking to me! Because there was not much water coming over the falls, we decided we would cross over the rocks at the base of the falls to see the other side. Clumsy me slid off one of the rocks and both feet landed in the water. Good job Amanda. Oh well, it wasn't cold - the water or the weather, so it wasn't that bad, just more of an embarrassment that I slid and Trish, who could be my mom, didn't!!! I made back OK without slipping though, so I redeemed myself! We enjoyed the serenity of the falls for a bit, then headed back up the track to the car park. We had some time once we where done, so we stopped in a couple of small towns, Deloraine and had lunch in Longford. The drive was beautiful as always and the weather was sunny and warm....a perfect day for a hike! Below are a couple pictures from the hike as well as a wallaby and a peacock I saw at the gorge last weekend. Next Trish and I are driving out to Cradle mountain and spending the night in the national park. Should be fun!

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