Monday, March 9, 2009

To rent a car or not too??..??....

Yes, the question of the I rent a car or not.

Now normally this would not be so much of a dilemma, however I have many things to consider this time around. The fact that I don't have a car makes it quite simple that yes, I pretty much have to rent a car in order to get around to some of the places I want to go in Tasmania. Some buses do run between towns, however timing is always an issue. I want to go to George town and Beauty point, about an hour away, and I'd have to catch the bus at 8am and the last bus leaving is at 2:15.....not giving me all that much time, and if I miss it, I'm in trouble!! I am also living in a country where they drive on the wrong side of the road....yes, the WRONG side! I have had this argument many times with the aussies, both parties win! I am pretty sure that I have gotten used to this wrong side of the road business.... I haven't been hit by a car when crossing the road, and have been trying to pay extra attention when sitting in the passenger seat trying to adjust to 'the other side'. BUT, this doesn't mean that I am 'ready' to get behind the wheel. Someone taught me to make sure you are always driver to driver....if the other person coming at you is not closest to you, you're in trouble!! I plan on renting a car when I am done working and traveling around a bit before leaving, so I'm gonna have to do it eventually, I just can't decide if I want to do it now...(tomorrow). I guess I'll see how confident I feel when I wake up tomorrow...... ;)

I've added some pictures I took while in St.Helens

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Rent one!!! You will be just fine. I rented one when I was there. The worse part was I keep trying to turn on my blinker, but would end up turning on my windshield wipers instead. And I even had a standard over there and did fine. Didn't kill one person! Although, I did get stuck in a round-a-bout for quite some time :)