Monday, March 2, 2009

my first encounter with the australian health care a patient!!

Yup, I had to make my way to the emerg department as a patient yesterday.....damn allergies.

So this is the story.....I had no intentions of buying my supper at the hospital, but as it turned out, I forgot my tuna at home. A piece of bread and cheese and crackers was not going to cut it!! I decided I would buy something to eat at the cafeteria. The options are usually what the patients get, and that day was sweet and sour pork, something else that I can't remember or gnocchi pasta with bacon and chicken in a white cream sauce. Of course I go for the pasta!! I asked if there was any pesto in it, they said no. I didn't specifically ask if there was any nuts and didn't say that I had allergies. Anyways, I also got some veggies, and potatoes. I sat down, had some of the potatoes, and veggies, then decided to try the pasta, had one gnocchi, mmmm, it was tasty, then had another bite......then I could tell. My throat felt funny, my lip started to swell up a wee bit. I pushed my plate away, explained to two of the girls that where with me what was happening. I went up to the cafeteria, explained what was happening, and they said none of those ingredients where in the pasta. They couldn't find the exact recipe in their book, and so I have no idea what I reacted to. The only thing I can think of is the oil they used?? I grabbed my stuff and went straight to emerg, they got me settled. Put an IV in me, gave me 150mg of hydrocortisone, 150 of ranitidine, and an antihistamine/anti nausea drug. I was unaware the the anti-histamine was also an anti-nausea drug, and I was feeling nauseous, and to be honest, I would have rather just vomited the shit up instead of keeping it in my system....oh well, it eventually did settle. They kept me for about 3 hours and by then, my throat was feeling better, my nausea had subsided, and I wanted to get the hell outta there! They gave me 50mg of predisone to take over the next 2 days, and I have some benadryl at home.
I felt bad having to leave the ward last night and of course we where already down a nurse apart from me having to leave. Thank goodness my patients where on the mend, and there was not much that needed to be done for them. The doctor also told me that I should not go to work today :) No complaints on my behalf, and it works out even better because I have the next two days scheduled off!!
So I guess no more hospital food for me....I just have to remember to bring my damn lunch/supper!!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Crazy!!! Good thing all of this happened at the hospital at least.

When we go into WH to have the baby, we are going to let Hunter try peanut butter and see what happens. Hopefully we have an allergy free kidlet!

anne said...

Hi Amanda glad to hear your OK scary you and the allergy thing. I'm sure enjoying all your letters I never opened my email so much I hope you get these little messages of mine. Louise is on her cruise now. everyone around here has colds lots of sick time. Did you know Sigrid she is back OR training didn't pan out. I got a 150 dollar speeding ticket tonight on way to work stupid construction 16th closed had to take alternate route so many speed changes 80,60,&then 50 and I got 75 in 50 sucks I don't think I'll tell the husband I' ll never hear the end of it. Oh ya Evelyn Macdougal had her car hit and run in parcade she saw it couln't get license # said it was like dukes of Hazard woman slamed into back of her car took off wrong way out saw Eve and kept on going 1500 dollars later. So be good take care til our next chat.