Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A day at the races

Yup, I went to the races yesterday and had an interesting day! (and I didn't have an allergic reaction to the horses!)

It was a pubic holiday yesterday for the 'Launceston Cup' and I figured I better head down and check it out. A girl from work, Suzi was talking about it and how she spent $100 on a hat just for the event! I though, wow, this must be quite the event. I was just going to wear shorts and tank......but decided to put on a skirt and a nice top instead....and am I glad I did! I would have been the most underdressed person there! The girls all wore their best dress, and most of them had a hat on and the men (most of them anyways) had suits on! I got there pretty early as I had no idea when things got going, and I ended up getting there a bit too early. So, I walked around, and walked some more.....the first race was at 1205, watched it, but didn't bet. All the races where about 30 minutes apart, and I was getting pretty bored, plus I had lost on 2 races.....very badly. It was gettin to be around 2:30 and I decided that I was going to walk around, then head home. Not that the races where boring, it was just getting lonely sitting for 25 bloody minutes waiting for the next one!! Well, then I ran into Suzi!! I met a few of the other people that I will be working with....most of them where on holidays, as well as a couple other canadian girls that knew my co-workers. One, even from Calgary!!! It was so nice to talk to a fellow canadian! haha. I stayed and watched the remainder of the races, and proceeded to get drunk with my 'new' friends! After the races we headed into town and went to a local 'pub/bar' that ended up being about 3 blocks from my house. We had a great time, met some more people, and continued to it was fun time! We where all getting pretty tired and decided to pack her in around 9, I grabbed some pizza and stumbled on home.....never thought i'd say this, but I'm glad it was up-hill!!! Haha......K, well, I was that drunk that I was stumbling, but I was definitely not feeling any pain!!

Now, I'm back to work for 6 shifts, and then I think I'm going to head to St. Helen's and see the bay of fires which I hear is an amazing beach!! Man I miss the beach! haha


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

No hat?? You should have packed a nice toque to wear to such an event!!

Amanda said...

I know I totally should have!! But unfortunately I didn't have a 'beanie' as they call them here!! Next time I guess!