Monday, February 16, 2009

safe and sound in Launceston

Alright, a bit of break of my GOR and KI stories, now for a real up to date story of my adventures!!

I have arrived in Launceston Tasmania after an eventful/uneventful day! The morning started of great, wasn't running late, everything was working out wonderfully, my flight to Melbourne was good - finished my second book of my holidays which if any of you know me that is amazing!! Had a brief lay over in Melbourne where I bought another book, and a watch, had a beer and spent some time on-line :) I arrived on time in Launceston, a bit overcast, and caught a cab into town. I arrived at the hospital to pick up my key for my new accommodation - and this is where it becomes eventful - the key was no where to be found!! You know when you have gut instincts, I had this all day!! SOOO, after some phones calls, and meeting the night manager of the hospital, they set me up in an 'emergency' accommodation in the hospital residencies a block from the hospital. I was saddened that I wasn't able to get settled, but these things happen and I guess it will just have to wait! I got a wee bit lost trying to find res, and ended up walking up this BIG incline with my shit (I let the cabbie go cause I didn't know how long it was going to take) and had to ask some strangers where to go. I ended up having to go back down and back the way I came....I eventually found and of course my room at the be ALL the way at the back!! I decided to head to the grocery store and get some chow....sweet chilly tuna, sweet chili cream cheese and sweet chili and sour cream chips!! I was craving sweet chili, k?!!! haha, oh yeah, I also grabbed a couple beers at the nearby bottle shop!! :)
Had supper in my tiny room, but no complaints as I have some privacy and I just may sleep naked tonight!! haha
I decided after supper to go for a walk and see if I can find where I think my accommodation is. I was e-mailed the address of it a couple months ago, and google earthed it. I should first say that Launceston is a beautiful town of about 65 000 people, with lots of hills, and I mean lots, like San Francisco lots. SO, I headed out in search of my new place, I went to far the first time and went up this hill that was un-necessary :-) oh well. I eventually did end up finding the address, and if it is where I am staying, it is going to be pretty sweet. It is a 4 split house and it looks as if I will have my own mini flat! Not sure though as I was told I was going to be with 2 other people - if that's the case, it could be pretty tight! I'm going to stay optimistic and hope for the best :)
So tomorrow once I get my lazy ass out of bed, I will make it down to the hospital and figure out my accommodation situation, then I start my first shift @ 1300. I'm thinking I will buy all my groceries, then get a cab with all my stuff and groceries to my new place - that's the cheap part of me!!

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