Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alright, starting to catch up here!! Entry from Jan 27th:

Partied out?!!

Well, it has been the most interesting couple of days. I went out for the first time a couple days ago with Angela. Departing @ 7, turned into a 2 hour delay, so we missed out on cheap beer before hitting downtown Melbourne. Ah well, we made up for it by drinking at the hostel. I met a bunch of people through Angela. Angela's friend Frank, AKA, Chum, Gethin and Brid from the UK, Ricky from the States, and Mark and Joe from Ireland. We had a blast! We started off at a pub called Jackson and Young, right downtown Melbourne where we payed $8 for a pint. Needless to say we only had a couple. We then heading to a bar called Bubbles. Yes, Bubbles! We got a free beer and champagne upon entry so we didn't really care what it was called!! After getting more drunk and dancing up a storm @ Bubbles, we decided it wasn't quite our cup of tea, so we conga-lined it out of the bar - literally! This ended us back at Jackson and Young where a live band was playing. Met some more random peeps, danced and took tons of crazy pictures! And of course after a fun and ridiculous night of drinking and dancing, we had to go to the near-by McDonald's for some chow. Man was it good chow!! At this point we had lost Chum and Angela, and so attempted to get back to the hostel. Boy, was that fun! After speaking to a couple of police officers for assistance, we eventually found the right bus, which took us home, and at 0415 I crawled into bed.
The next day was a bit more low key. It was a gorgeous day so I hit the beach with Angela and Frank. I went into the wonderfully refreshing water for the first time, and had some cold ones on the beach. We ordered some pizza through the hostel, and after a poker tournament - which I won, and brief walk to the beach and back, I hit the sac at a relatively early time of 0115! Monday was another awesome day outside and so Gethin, Brid and Ricky came to the beach this time with Angela, Frank and I. While Angela and I enjoyed beachin' it, the rest went out to the pier and collected muscles. They brought back a total of about 4 pounds of muscles!! This was also Australia day and not much happened at the beach, however the hostel was providing free BBQ sausages. Anytime I can get something free, you know I'm in! We cleaned and cooked the Muscles after eating our free food, also made corn on the cob & fresh baked buns. Chum made an awesome white wine sauce for the muscles, and all 8 of us chowed down on some awesome, almost free, food! We had so many muscles we didn't even cook them all. Breakfast tomorrow?? Now with it being Australia day, we had to go out and celebrate! We headed to a local club - ESPY where a DJ was mixing the most awesome of awesome songs! Again, I danced the night away!! haha -well, till about 2.
Today I decided it was time to head to Melbourne park and take in some tennis. I was lucky enough to see the Williams sisters play, and win, as well as other women's doubles game. It was bloody hot out - within 20 minutes of watching, my legs started to burn - and this was after applying sunscreen 3 times. I had a white sweater with me, but was using it for my back as it was also slightly red and the sun was at my back. I figured this was a good enough excuse to go buy a shirt. This helped tons and I don't think I burnt - I guess I'll find out when I hit the shower! In total I spent about 5 hours in the hot sun - it was supposed to hit 38 today, and I am beat. After the two games I bought some more Open gear, and decided I had had enough of the heat and headed back to the hostel. Now to shower, maybe have a nap, eat - and probably head out for some cheap beers with Gethin and Brid!
FYI - forcast for tomorrow - high of 41. :)
Cheers for now,