Sunday, February 22, 2009

KI continued...

Day Two: Kangaroo Island:
So, wake up at 7:30, our lovely Emma woke us up and we had brekky, loaded up the bus, and off we went. It was a bit overcast and quite windy that day. But that didn't stop us from having fun. Our first stop was little Sahara, where you can guess, was a mini version of the sands dunes of the Sahara desert. Well, the sand dunes where a decent size, there was just only a couple of them! This is where we went sand boarding. Oh my what fun, and freakin' hard to do, we had! We had to hike a ways to get to the sand dune, then we had to climb it, no chair lefts there!! We waxed the boards, then attempted to slid down the hill, I opted for the toboggan style, others tried to stand like a snowboard. I didn't do great the first time, and the second time I did ok, then wiped out big time half way down the hill!! LOL! I'm sure it was quite entertaining for those watching! haha. It was definitely a lot of work climbing for a 5 second slid down! I only did twice, plus it was starting to get crazy windy and we where all getting sand blasted!! After we all had enough sandboarding, we heading to seal bay where, you guessed it, we saw a whole bunch of seals! They where so cute!! We saw a baby seal who was about 7 days old, as well as some seal sex!! chicka chicka yeah!! LOL!! We only saw a few minutes total, but I guess they normally go for 45 minutes...non stop....all missionary style....I think that's more information that you want to know, but, oh well! Now you know!! After taking 50 photos of the seals, watching some lazy seals sleep on the beach, a baby play in the water, and some seal sex, we left seal bay and headed to Kelly Hill conservation park for some lunch, some caving and a 9 km hike! The caves where found in the early 1900's, and there's some story about a guy and his horse who fell in, and he walked around pitch darkness for three days looking for a way out. They where all right, but I've seen better! After the caves 4 of us went on a 9 km hike, one way to Vivonne bay. The two german girls weren't up for the hike, so they stayed wtih Em and went to the end of the hike where we where picked up. It was a much nicer hike then the one in the Grampians for a number of reasons. There where trees to provide shade, not many steep parts and it wasn't 38 degrees!!! Emma walked up and met us about 3/4 of the way, we where hoping to find some echidna's, but no such luck. In fact, we didn't see ANY wildlife! Once we hit Vivonne beach, it was overcast, windy and not the warmest of days, so we didn't go in the water, although on a nice day it looked as though it coulda been as nice as Stokes beach. We then made way to a conservation park for Koala's. They where completely wild, not fed or contained, they could come and go as they wanted. Em gave us a goal of finding 12 koala's......not so much luck that day! I saw more wallabies then I saw koala's! I think we saw 4, maybe 5 koala's, and I found 6 wallabies in about half the time I spent looking for koala's. We all packed into the bus and headed to the hostel where we were spending our last night on KI. It was on a farm and we were going to sharing the hostel with another tour group. We had barbeque that night - burgers, sausages, chicken squewers, and kangaroo!!!! Paddy also stopped by, brought some beer and his digeredoo and had supper with us. I was very excited to try roo and it was SOOO good!! It is best cooked a little on the rare side. I think Em cooked them for about 3 or 4 minutes, just pink in the was so tender and yummy! I had to go back for seconds. I think I enjoyed it the most, Collette was not a huge fan of it, but I wasn't complaining, more for me!!! haha. We had some beers, played some tunes, played the digeredoo - well, attempted to play it - Paddy was awesome at it, started a small campfire and got drunk!! The second tour group showed up around 10 - we should them how to dance the 'heel and toe' which Em and Paddy showed us how to do! We met some other people that where on our great ocean road tour as well as our room mate from the first night in Glenelg....just a small world! Em went to bed early, and the tour guide from the other group started a drinking game!! His group had 16 people so we had quite the time around the fire as you can imagine! I went to bed at about 3ish, somethin' like that, and was not feelin so great when I got up the next day!! Oh well, lots of water and some food and I was fine!

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