Saturday, February 21, 2009

A game of footy anyone?

So I was able to attend my second sporting event here in Australia....a game of australian football. There are a couple different types of footy as they call it here. One is the AFL, australian football league, which is a fast pace rugby type game, originated in Victoria state and is most popular in the southern/eastern part of the country. The other is the NRL, which to be completely honest, I don't know much about!! From what I understand there are more rules, and not as fun as the AFL, AKA aussie rules.
Launceston does not have a team with the AFL, but they have an agreement with the Hawthorn Hawks that they will play a certain percentage of their games at the Launceston Aurora stadium. It was the first game for both teams of the season, in a pre-season NAB cup tourny. I had to work a day shift at the hospital and was lucky enough to get off a bit early - 1500, and also got a ride home from work (saves me from climbing a REALLY steep hill to get to my place!). I quickly changed, got ready and headed out to the game. It was about 2-3km's from my place, so I of course walked. My seats where located right behind the goal posts and was in the heart of the crowd!! The fans really get into the game, some a bit too much, but all in all I had a blast. I had read up on the game and the rules, so for most of the game I was concentrating on how it was played strategies......oh, ok, I was staring at all cute bums running around on the field....and those short shorts....can't get enough of those short shorts!!! LOL
The game ended up being really close, and the Hawthorn Hawks came back in the fourth quarter to beat the Melbourne Demons by 3 points! Most of the crowd was cheering for the Hawks so it was exciting to see them win!

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