Sunday, February 1, 2009

sports, musicals and more sports!

So I have to opportunity to go see the most amazing match in tennis EVER! I bought the tickets for the semi-finals match on friday in October, and it just happened to be Nadal (my favorite!!) and Verdasco, both of Spain. The match went for over 5 hours and neither of them gave up. Nadal ended up winning and I didn't get home till 2:30 in the morning!!
Collette (my friend here with me now) got tickets for the muscial Wicked - also about 2 months ago - which happened to be playing the night of the men's finals tennis match. Wicked started at 6:30 and ended at about 9 - just in time to catch the last 3 sets of the tennis match. But, back to really was wicked!! The music and singing was amazing, the stage props where unbelievable and story line was intriguing!!
So, back to tennis. I met up with some friends to watch the final, which was also a very good match - Nadal played Federer - not as good as the semi's, but good! It went for over 4 hours and my man Nadal won!! YEAH!! Federer shed a few tears in his speech and it was very touching!
Time is soon to run out.....will add more later! (gotta love paying for internet by the hour!)

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anne said...

Hi Amanda did you get my other message I sent hope so.Sounds like your enjoying Aussy world hot hey glad your not near the fires it sounds scarry and very tragic. My vegas trip was good cause my sister and cousin and friends came and surprized me they wore wigs had walkie talkies followed us man was I surprised Rick didn't even know. I'm 50 now me and Eileen it's hard to believe. All is well at work we move to new building May 26. My notes are not as exciting as yours you are a really good writer I'm enjoying reading your notes I look forward to opening my email now see ya for now Anne