Sunday, February 15, 2009

day three of GOR - and CURRENTLY almost in tassie...

Alrighty, final day of the great ocean road, not too exciting, but fun nonetheless. I'm almost in tasmania, in the adeladie airport as I write I love this wireless USB internet thingy!!......and start work tomorrow. I'm hoping I can upload pictures at work, if not, I'll have to find a place like the library that has wireless so I can upload photos. It drains my wireless internet account to upload photo's - especially if they where taken with my SLR camera. Anyways....enjoy! Kangaroo island blog will be up next!!

Day three
At 6am, the alarm clock went off, and I got my lazy ass out of bed - but I was excited because I got to go take pictures of kangaroo's!!!! We had a quick bite to eat, and went out to the park 20 feet away where about 20 kangaroo's where grazing in the field. We followed them to a bigger park where there where about 40 kangaroos. I was lucky enough to have a joey come about 10 feet from me, but he didn't see what he liked so he ran away!! He doesn't know what he was missing!!! LOL! It was definitely a highlight of the tour!
Once we all got our shit together, we took off - a wee bit late - closer to 7:50 this day, we headed to some lookout out point for some more views of the Grampians. Can't remember the name, but it was pretty. It was about a 30 minute 'walk' - no hiking this time, to the point. It was a nice leisure walk with a nice view. Nothing too exciting really. We then headed to McKenzie Falls - and you guessed it, named after a dude named something McKenzie who found them!! They are the largest falls of the Grampians and it is a steep hill down to the falls, but they had stairs for us to take. I haven't seen many waterfalls in Australia so I found them interesting...Collette on the other hand has seen many in Tasmania, so she didn't find them as interesting as I. Again, I was one of the last to leave :) (as for the stairs to the waterfalls, Australia enjoys using stairs for any fairly steep parts in a hike, there were many on the 'death' hike as well!)
After this we headed to Adelaide. Now Adelaide is about a 5-6 hour drive from the Grampians, so we drove to some town that I can't remember the name of, had lunch, a bit of break, then headed to Adelaide. We stopped for another 20 minutes break along the Murray river, and back on the bus arriving in Adelaide around 7pm. Collette and I where lucky enough to be dropped off first, as we are staying just outside of Adelaide in a suburb called Glenelg. Our hostel is a block from the beach :)
Next I will tell you all about Kangaroo Island.....and guess what.... saw lots of kangaroos!!!! LOL!!!

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