Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No bush-fires for me!

Just to ease everyone's minds.....I am not anywhere close to the bush fires in Victoria state! I am currently in Glenelg - just outside Adeliade, so the fires are about 800km's away (I think.....all in all, they're far away). The fires are very scary however, and tons of Australians are donated money for relief. Every night they are updating the fires and I hope they can control them soon before more people lose their lives. Last I heard there where 170 decease.

Below is my second entry while I was in St. Kilda....I promise I will get this more current over the next week!!

Out an' about in St.Kilda
So it's been two days, and I think I've done more walking in those 2 days, then in my entire 2 1/2 years in Kugluktuk!! haha
Man I miss my car! Luckily, everything is reasonably close to my hostel, so its not THAT bad. The main street with all the shops is about a 10 minute walk, and the beach is another 3-4 minute walk from there. I've found the grocery store, picked up a cell phone, and more importantly, found the liquor store! The first liquor store I went to (I only bought 2 beer there people, hence the need to go again!!) the clerk was from Montana and he helped me pick out some nice beer. James something-er-ather was what I got, and quite enjoyed it! Lets see, I've also found the tattoo parlor - heehee - no worries, no tattoo, yet! And the AA first step clinic is right around the corner if my alcohol drinking becomes a problem!! LOL - only mentioned that for you mom!
In the evening yesterday I went out to try and find a way to put credit on my phone - most complex thing EVER - and on my way back to the hostel I came to the realization that I am not in the 'best' end of town. I was wearing my board shorts, and a tank top, and I guess that was hookerish enough for some creep to drive up and motion me over - um, creepy - so I shook my head nervously NO and continued walking faster. He then drove ahead about 50 feet, and stopped. My heart started to race and I was wishing I had bear spray!! I then noticed a chick, in shorty short shorts and a tank, who went up the window of the truck. I continued to speed up and ducked into the entrance of the hostel, thank goodness! OK, so now I know why the hostel is so cheap!! haha. I've also seen a few drunk people yelling and screaming at each other, and some women today yelling some nonsense at some people 40 feet away. I just keep walking and don't make eye contact! I definitely won't be going out at night by myself now!
So today has been a bit windy - I went for a walk this morning and just about got blown away - there goes my plans to spend the day at the beach. Oh well. I grabbed a book and went to a local park, found a nice park bench to read for a bit. I'd still be there except I felt like I was burning, and didn't want that 2 days into my trip. I'll head outside after this, grab a beer, and continue reading outside in the courtyard here at the hostel. I am rooming with 2 other Canadians, a frenchie, Melanie, and Angela from Ottawa. Both very nice. We were talking this morning and Angela invited us out to go to a pub. then to a bar in downtown Melbourne. I'm going to go and hopefully meet some more people - and well, get drunk! But don't worry mom, I'm going to drink lots of water *wink, wink*. Tomorrow I'm going to the aquarium, I think, as long as I'm not too hungover!
Saturday, Jan 24th, 1515

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