Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm staying for another year :)

Yup, it has been confirmed, I will be staying in sunny Australia for the year 2010 - CRAZYNESS!!! I received the email yesterday afternoon from immigration with the confirmation that I have been granted another working holiday visa!! WOOHOO!!!

When I first got the e-mail, my heart stopped, I was so worried that I would have been denied - why, not sure, but was just really nervous! However, as I read it, I had a big sigh of relief and a massive grin on my face :)

I am kinda relieved that I am staying for another year as it doesn't sound like there is much work available in Calgary right now. As much as I am missing my family and friends, I think it is a wise decision to stay in Australia where work is a bit easier to come by. Plus it gives my family more time to try and plan a trip to come visit!!! (and anyone else that wants an excuse to come to Oz!)

I will be headed back to Canada in August of 2010 as I CAN NOT miss the Diemert reunion!! I missed one 3 years ago and regretted it very much. I have promised myself and my family that I would not miss one no matter where I am in the world, so I will be back for a short time, but will be returning to the wonderful world of Oz :)

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