Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, its a few days past christmas, but Merry Christmas!

I never did get my white christmas, but I have been cold!! Back to that later...

Christmas day was definitely one to remember! I managed to get through my nights, I phoned home during my break on my last night which was nice to talk to family, and I was spoiled Christmas morning!!
Rob wasn't too keen on getting up at 7:30 when I got home Christmas morning, but there was presents to open :)
For Christmas I got a shirt from my mom as well as a couple of necklaces and some much needed underwear - can't go a christmas without some new knickers!! I also got a new watch from Rob, some Versace perfume and a beautiful pearl necklace with three diamonds :) I love them all, especially the necklace, which I will be wearing to our New Years party tomorrow night!!
For Rob I got him a few small things - magazine, lotto tickets, a book and a kinder surprise, but it didn't end there. For his 'main' gift, I got him a 12,000 foot sky dive jump. I got myself one as well and when he opened the gift he was shaking!! It was great as he had NO idea when he was getting and I put the voucher in a booked stuffed with newspaper so it seemed empty - I had him convinced it was a box of 'love'!! We are plan to do our jump this Sunday - eeeeeeeeeeeeee - weather permitting :)

I slept for a few hours Christmas morning, as did Rob, and he was cooking turkey dinner. We where planning on having it ready for about 1:30 - 2:00 and then heading to a friends house for a few hours. However, Rob didn't wake up till 1:30, and so we didn't eat till about 4:00. He skyped his family back home and before we knew it, it was 6:00. SO, we decided to stay in as I had to work my last night shift that night.

Boxing day however, was a bit more 'fun'. After I woke up at 3:30 - I slept in :) we caught the bus and headed down to the casino :) I hadnt' been to the casino in ages and was so pumped. I went to the roulette table right away and within 30 minutes I had 3 numbers hit and was up over $2oo!! I cashed out and watched Rob play black jack, then went back to the roulette table and proceeded to play again, and lost $100! Nice one. Oh well, I went willing to lose $100, so I was still up! Rob and I decided to head into town to spend our winnings. We hit about three bars and eventually made it home at about 2:30 - after a $45 cab ride, I love living so far away :)

So that was pretty much my Christmas. Not overly exciting, but great company and great gifts!

After our night out to the casino, I woke up the next day not feeling the greatest, a little hung over and feeling a cold coming on. Since then, I have developed a nice chest/sinus cold and haven't been feeling great. I slept most of Sunday and Monday we went and say Avatar. I hit the sac early but was awake after 1:30am having difficulty catching my breath and coughing. I went to work feeling like shit and of course I was offered overtime...... I stayed, but I slept well that night! The worst is that we don't have much control over the temperature in the units, and lately is has been SOOO cold! I am currenlty in sweat pants and hoody! WTF!!! We actually turn OFF the AC every once and a while to warm things up. This I know, is not helping my chest, and considering I haven't been sick in over a year and this is my 2nd cold this month, I know my body is not impressed!
Rob has picked up some cough medicine for me and I am already starting to feel a bit better. I'll be loading up on in tonight as tomorrow night is New Years Eve and I want to PARTY!!!!

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